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Fundamentals of Multinational Finance

Автор:   Moffett
твердый переплет
640 страниц
2005 год
Издательство:   Addison Wesley
1768 руб
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Описание:Lucid explanations and engaging vignettes are rendered in the authoritative voice of the best-selling authors. Committed to preparing the leaders of tomorrow’s multinational enterprises, the authors have included numerous mini-cases and real-world examples to teach students to recognize the challenges and benefit from the opportunities inherent in modern global markets.

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When China Rules the World

Chinese manufacturing has become a fundamental element in a complex global division of labour operated by the major Western and Japanese multinationals, which presently account for a majority of Chinese exports. The fact that the value added in China (30 per cent or less) is only a small proportion of the total value added because of the extremely low cost of Chinese labour means that any attempt to impose sanctions on Chinese exports, for example, would inflict far greater economic harm on the many other countries involved in the production process, especially those in East Asia, than on China itself. [1208] Powerful evidence of China ’s integration has been furnished by the global recession: from the outset its involvement was regarded as fundamental to any solution and its continuing rapid growth has been seen as vital in limiting the severity of the recession. One might add that the US ’s options are also limited in East Asia. If it decided to start pressurizing its East Asian allies — such as the Philippines, Singapore and Indonesia — to move away from China, it is not at all clear that it would meet with a positive response; indeed, it is conceivable that such a move might even be counter-productive because, in the event of being forced to choose, these countries might opt for China as the rising power in the region ...»

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Подушка для младенца "Selby".
Известно, что необходимое количество здорового сна является условием гармоничного физического и эмоционального развития. Когда малыш спит,
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Cure and Product Design Fundamentals Loose Fiber Molding: A New Developed Environmentally Friendly High Performance Composite.
A three- dimensional finite element model was developed to simulate the heat transfer and cure behavior of a complex geometry of the composite during manufacturing and compared with experimental results.
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Women in International Assignments in Multinational Enterprises. An Exploration of their Participation
The research should be useful to practitioners, and academics who are interested in the field of international human resource management, and to women considering participating in an international assignment.
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Investing in Renewable Energy and Cleantech: a Finance Perspective. an Academic View on the Returns of Renewable energy and Cleantech in Portfolio Management
Both sectors make a valuable contribution to an existing portfolio for investors preferring a portfolio with a higher return than 8. 8 percent and who do not mind a standard deviation greater than 4. 4 percent. Risk avers investors are better off with a portfolio excluding renewable energy and cleantech, holding only traditional assets.
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Angola, an emerging market with potential and risk. A case study of four Swedish multinational firms; Alfa Laval, Atlas Copco, Ericsson and International Gold Exploration (IGE AB)
We have interviewed managers operating in Angola at four Swedish MNC? s, in which we identified patterns of learning between the firms.
          2005 руб             2010 год          60 стр.          мягкая обложка


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