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A Big Boy Did It and Ran Away

Автор:   Christopher B.
мягкая обложка
512 страниц
2006 год
Издательство:   Brown and Company   Little
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Описание:Nervous new father Ray takes refuge from his responsibilities by living a virtual existence in online games. People say he needs to grow up, but everybody has to find their own way of coping. For some it' s affairs, for others it' s the bottle, and for Simon it' s serial murder, mass slaughter and professional assassination. Back when they were students, just like everybody else, Ray Ash and Simon Darcourt had dreams about what they' d do when they grew up. In both their cases, it was to be rock stars. Fifteen years later, their mid-thirties are bearing down fast, and just like everybody else, they' re having to accept the less glamorous hands reality has dealt them.

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Wanting Everyone

Now, Jace, scoot around a bit and kiss the front of her neck as though you're moving down to her breasts." One hand on the focus ring of her.35mm camera and a finger on the other clicking off shot after shot, Susan moved closer to the couple on the couch. She smiled to herself. Charolette's passionate expression didn't come from acting. Jace was getting to the sexy redhead. Bet if I let them two alone for a minute they'd be rutting like two minks in heat! Susan smiled again at her own streak of bitchiness. She didn't blame Charolette. Just watching Jace in action was getting to her too. She felt the tickling beginnings of arousal move deep within her. An odd reaction, she thought, surprised that she didn't feel any jealousy. "Hold it right there, Jace," she said snapping two last shots. "Don't get carried away, handsome. These are for the cover of a historical novel, not a poster of a triple X-rated flick." Jace stopped, his lips hovering in mid-air above the intimate valley of Charolette's breasts. He sighed, a sigh echoed by his alluring companion, and looked up. "Spoilsport! I was just beginning to enjoy my role." "I know." Susan shot him a stern, reprimanding stare that quickly melted to a teasing grin. "You were starting to take your work too seriously, big boy." "Did you get everything you need?" Charolette slid from the sofa when Susan nodded. "Good. I've got to run ...»

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The world Trade Crisis - What really did go Wrong?. The Economic Reasons Behind it all
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The Read It Yourself with Ladybird the Big Pancake. Level 3
Read it yourself with Ladybird is one of Ladybird' s best-selling reading series. For over thirty-five years it has helped young children who are learning to read develop and improve their reading skills. Each Read it yourself book is very carefully written to include many key, high-frequency words that are vital for learning to read, as well as a limited number of story words that are introduced and practised throughout. Simple sentences and frequently repeated words help to build the confidence of beginner readers and the four different levels of books support children all the way from very first reading practice through to independent, fluent reading. Each book has been carefully checked by educational consultants and can be read independently at home or used in a guided reading session at school. Further content includes comprehension puzzles, helpful notes for parents, carers and teachers, and book band information for use in schools. The Big Pancake is a Level 1 Read it yourself book, suitable for very early readers who are ready to take their first steps in reading real stories. Each simple story uses a small number of frequently repeated words. What happens when the big pancake runs away? Seven little boys are very hungry, so their mother makes a big pancake.
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Man and Boy, или История с продолжением
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It (на англ.яз.)
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