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How to Talk to Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere: The Secrets of Good Communication

Автор:   Larry K.
твердый переплет
224 страниц
2004 год
Издательство:   Random House USA
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Описание:Книги просвещают душу, поднимают и укрепляют человека, пробуждают в нем лучшие стремления, острят его ум и смягчают сердце.

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They counted as work, just like programming, but they were so much easier. All you had to do was sit and look attentive. Meetings are like an opiate with a network effect. So is email, on a smaller scale. And in addition to the direct cost in time, there's the cost in fragmentation-- breaking people's day up into bits too small to be useful. You can see how dependent you've become on something by removing it suddenly. So for big companies I propose the following experiment. Set aside one day where meetings are forbidden-- where everyone has to sit at their desk all day and work without interruption on things they can do without talking to anyone else. Some amount of communication is necessary in most jobs, but I'm sure many employees could find eight hours worth of stuff they could do by themselves. You could call it "Work Day." The other problem with pretend work is that it often looks better than real work. When I'm writing or hacking I spend as much time just thinking as I do actually typing. Half the time I'm sitting drinking a cup of tea, or walking around the neighborhood ...»

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Данный практикум предназначен для студентов, диссертантов, научных работников технических специальностей и служит для оказания им помощи в подготовке научных докладов и выступлений, связанных с профессиональной тематикой на английском языке.
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