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The Wordsworth Book of Horror Stories

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1160 страниц
2005 год
Издательство:   Wordsworth
753 руб
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Описание:". . . it is an universal phenomenon of our nature that the mournful, the fearful, even the horrible, allures with irresistible enchantment. " - Chaucer Burr, Memoir, 1850. "The Wordsworth Book of Horror Stories" is a superb collection of some of the greatest tales of the genre, many are classics while others are lesser-known gems unearthed from this vintage era of the supernatural. In this volume, authors such as M. R. James, Le Fanu, Henry James, Wilkie Collins, Charles Dickens, Bierce, Balzac, Gaskell, and many others invite you to close the curtains, lock the doors, draw the armchair closer to the blazing fire and settle down to a spine-chilling read. From time immemorial, man the world over has drawn upon the worst fears of his conscious and subconscious mind to furnish legends of terror.

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Danse Macabre

Analysis is a wonderful tool in matters of intellectual appreciation, but if I start talking about the cultural ethos of Roger Corman or the social implications of The Day Mars Invaded the Earth, you have my cheerful permission to pop this book into a mailer, return it to the publisher, and demand your money back. In other words, when the shit starts getting too deep, I intend to leave the area rather than perform in accepted English-teacher fashion and pull on a pair of hip-waders. Onward. 4 There are any number of places where we could begin our discussion of "real" fears, but just for the fun of it, let's begin with something fairly off the wall: the horror movie as economic nightmare. Fiction is full of economic horror stories, although very few of them are supernatural; The Crash of '79 comes to mind, as well as The Money Wolves, The Big Company Look, and the wonderful Frank Norris novel, McTeague. I only want to discuss one movie in this context, The Amityville Horror. There may be others, but this one example will serve, I think, to illustrate another idea: that the horror genre is extremely limber, extremely adaptable, extremely useful; the author or filmmaker can use it as a crowbar to lever open locked doors or as a small, slim pick to tease the tumblers into giving ...»

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