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Key Concepts in Strategic Management

Автор:   Jonathan S.
мягкая обложка
304 страниц
2004 год
Издательство:   Palgrave
2984 руб
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Описание:With over 500 key terms defined, the book represents a comprehensive reference for anyone studying a business related course or those simply wishing to understand what strategic management is all about. "Key Concepts in Strategic Management" is one of a range of comprehensive glossaries with entries arranged alphabetically for easy reference. It will be especially useful as a revision aid. More complex terminology is made clearer with numerous diagrams and illustrations. Additional reading and internet research opportunities are identified. All major concepts, terms, theories and theorists are incorporated and cross-referenced.

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Экономика впечатлений. Работа - это театр, а каждый бизнес - сцена

Mahoney, Modularity, Flexibility, and Knowledge Management in Prodcut and Organization Design // Strategic Management 17. – December 1996; Marc H. Meyer and Alvin P. Lehnerd, The Power of Product Platforms: building Value and Cost Leadership. – New York: Free Press, 1997; Carliss Y. Baldwin and Kim B. Clark, Managing in an Age of Modularity // Harvard Business Review 75. – September-October 1997. – M» 5. – P. 81–93. Шесть типов модульности, описанных в книге Mass Customization, основаны на ранее написанной работе Ульриха и одного из его студентов. 95 Frank W. Davis, Jr., and Karl В. Mandrot, Customer-Responsive Management: The Flexible Advantage. – Cambridge, Mass.: Blackwell Business, 1996. – P. 82–88. Здесь отмечается, что в массовой персонализации ресурсы отправляются, а не назначаются. 96 Цитата из Clayton Collins, Five Minutes with J.D. Power III // Profiles. – October 1996. – P. 23. 97 Сложите все уступки, происходящие во всех этих измерениях, каждое из которых рассчитано на среднего покупателя, и вы поймете, почему путешествия самолетом столь часто оборачиваются неприятными впечатлениями ...»

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Schlussendlich ist das Gesamtpaket von einer gewissen Komplexitaet gekennzeichnet.
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Moving on to Next Generation IP Networks. Performance Evaluation of Efficient Resource Management Concepts
The second contribution concerns dynamic resource allocation in transport networks which implement a specific network admission control (NAC) architecture.
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Strategic Bid Management - An Integrated Approach. A Structured Guideline For Effective Business Opportunities Assessment
Based on the Simple Multi-Attribute Rating Technique (SMART), FOCUS provides a straightforward decision analysis process that enables all members of the bid team to fully understand the requirements of the opportunity and the pros and cons of engaging with it before taking a bid/no-bid decision.
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Capturing Value through Strategic Customer Bonding Development of a CRM Concept for a Mass Customization Business.
Therewith, the intention is to use the symbiosis of both concepts amplifying the possibilities of customer bonding to the individualization of product and customer relationship.
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Aspect-Oriented Workflow Management. Concepts, Languages, Applications
Moreover, the lack of a module for encapsulating workflow changes as separate first-class entities makes managing such changes difficult.
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SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT INCENTIVES. Green Incentives, Social Motivation, Strategic Environmental Assessment And Corporate Management
This book also approaches municipal administration strategies, corporate management tools, strategic environmental assessment (SEA), social motivation and participation and a comprehensive municipal environmental management scheme to support the sustainable development process.
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Retention of staff in state-owned construction enterprises in China. The relationship between motivation factors and the retention of key management and technical staff in large SOEs
These findings are important for ensuring that government-run construction enterprises are successful in tailoring retention strategies to different types of employees and contribute to knowledge on retention in the Chinese cultural context.
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Key Management
Key management is the provisions made in a cryptography system design that are related to generation, exchange, storage, safeguarding, use, vetting, and replacement of keys.
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Strategic Advertising Management. Fifth Edition
Strategic Advertising Management provides the firm foundation you need to understand the effective strategic planning of advertising and other marketing communications.
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