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The Secret of Crickley Hall

Автор:   James H.
мягкая обложка
640 страниц
2007 год
Издательство:   Macmillan Publishers
340 руб
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Описание:And old houses do make sounds. And it' s constantly cold. And even though they shut the cellar door every night, it’s always open again in morning… The Secret of Crickley Hall is James Herbert’s finest novel to date. It explores the darker, more obtuse territories of evil and the supernatural. With brooding menace and rising tension, he masterfully and relentlessly draws the reader through to the ultimate revelation – one that will stay to chill the mind long after the book has been laid aside. Gabe has brought his wife, Eve, and daughters, Loren and Cally, down to Devon, to the peaceful seaside village of Hollow Bay. He can work and Eve and the kids can have some peace and quiet and perhaps they can try, as a family, to come to terms with what’s happened to them. . . Crickley Hall is an unusually large house on the outskirts of the village at the bottom of Devil' s Cleave, a massive tree-lined gorge - the stuff of local legend. A river flows past the front garden. It' s perfect for them. . . if a bit gloomy. And Chester, their dog, seems really spooked at being away from home. The Caleighs have had a terrible year. . . They need time and space, while they await the news they dread.

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Ключи познания

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Альбом для пастели "Pastel", А2, 20 листов.
Формат: А2. Количество листов: 20. Плотность бумаги: 300 г/м2. Блок: синий. Твердая подложка.
429 руб
Раздел: 14-24 листа
Бутылочка для кормления "Avent" Natural (260 мл).
Уникальная эргономичная форма позволяет комфортно держать бутылочку в любом положении. Инновационный двойной клапан эффективно снижает
481 руб
Раздел: Бутылочки
Ранец ортопедический "Kitty", цвет розовый.
Ранец с ортопедической спинкой. Компактная обтекаемая форма. Крышка из износостойкой искусственной кожи! Широкие удобные лямки
3295 руб
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Secret Of Crickley Hall
It explores the darker, more obtuse territories of evil and the supernatural.
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The Secret Language of the Renaissance: Decoding the Hidden Symbolism of Italian Art (на англ.яз.)
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The Tenant of Wildfell Hall
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Secret стройности от Маргариты Королевой
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The Secret Adversary
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Secret Seven 1: The Secret 7
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Secret Seven Adventure
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The Secret Garden (+ Audio CD)
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Secret Diary Of Adrian Mole (Puffin Ed)
Next year I could be in a children' s home. Meet Adrian Mole, a hapless teenager providing an unabashed, pimples-and-all glimpse into adolescent life. Writing candidly about his parents' marital troubles, the dog, his life as a tortured poet and ' misunderstood intellectual' , Adrian' s painfully honest diary is still hilarious and compelling reading thirty years after it first appeared. Bestselling author Sue Townsend has been Britain' s favourite comic writer for over three decades. ' I not only wept, I howled and hooted and had to get up and walk around the room and wipe my eyes so that I could go on reading' Tom Sharpe ' A satire of our times. Very funny indeed' Sunday Times ' We laugh both at Mole and with him. A wonderful comic read, that, like all the best comedy, says something rather meaningful'
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Prentice Hall's Federal Taxation 2007: Corporations, Partnerships, Estates, and Trusts, 20ed
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The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic
The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic…the perfect pick me up for when it’s all hanging in the (bank) balance.
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The Tenant of Wildfell Hall (+ Audio CD)
Who exactly is Helen Graham, and why does she keep her past a secret?
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Simon Decker & the Secret Formula. Reader + Activity Book & Audio CD. Книга для чтения (+ Audio CD)
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The Secret Garden
As the garden begins to bloom and is magically transformed no one is left untouched. . . A sensitive portrayal of the world seen through children' s eyes, The Secret Garden is one of the great classics of story-telling, hugely popular with children and adults alike. Left to herself there is little to do apart from explore the huge, gloomy house and its surroundings until, one sunny morning, she stumbles across a secret garden, hidden behind ivy-clad walls. For the first time in her sad short life she has found something to care for and she determines to restore the garden to its former glory.
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The Secret of the Villa Mimosa
Miraculously, the girl was alive, but without name or memory.
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They are nowhere to be found.
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The Secret Code: The Mysterious Formula That Rules Art, Nature, and Science
This book presents not only the multifaceted forms of the Golden Section in nature, art, architecture, music and science, but also variations, such as the Golden Spirals in the human inner ear.
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Secret d'Etat Tome 1: La Chambre de la Reine
          850 руб             1998 год          466 стр.          мягкая обложка


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