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Вторая мировая война Вторая мировая война
Великая Отечественная война Великая Отечественная война


The Greatest Battle: Stalin, Hitler, and the Desperate Struggle for Moscow That Changed the Course of World War II

Автор:   Andrew N.
мягкая обложка
366 страниц
2008 год
Издательство:   Simon & Schuster
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Описание:The combined losses of both sides - those killed, taken prisoner or severely wounded - were 2. 5 million, of which nearly 2 million were on the Soviet side. About half the city' s population fled. But Hitler' s blunders would soon loom even larger: sending his troops to attack the Soviet Union without winter uniforms, insisting on an immediate German reign of terror and refusing to heed his generals' pleas that he allow them to attack Moscow as quickly as possible. In the end, Hitler' s mistakes trumped Stalin' s mistakes. Drawing on recently declassified documents from Soviet archives, including files of the dreaded NKVD; on accounts of survivors and of children of top Soviet military and government officials; and on reports of Western diplomats and correspondents, "The Greatest Battle" finally illuminates the full story of a clash between two systems based on sheer terror and relentless slaughter. Even as Moscow' s fate hung in the balance, the United States and Britain were discovering how wily a partner Stalin would turn out to be in the fight against Hitler - and how eager he was to push his demands for a postwar empire in Eastern Europe. From the time Hitler launched his assault on Moscow on September 30, 1941, to April 20, 1942, seven million troops were engaged in this titanic struggle. This triggered panic in the city - with looting, strikes and outbreaks of previously unimaginable violence. The battle for Moscow was the biggest battle of World War II - the biggest battle of all time. In addition to chronicling the bloodshed, Andrew Nagorski takes the reader behind the scenes of the early negotiations between Hitler and Stalin, and then between Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill. But the Soviet capital narrowly survived, and for the first time the German Blitzkrieg ended in failure. This is a remarkable addition to the history of World War II. This shattered Hitler' s dream of a swift victory over the Soviet Union and radically changed the course of the war. The full story of this epic battle has never been told because it undermines the sanitized Soviet accounts of the war, which portray Stalin as a military genius and his people as heroically united against the German invader. Stalin' s blunders, incompetence and brutality made it possible for German troops to approach the outskirts of Moscow. And yet it is far less known than Stalingrad, which involved about half the number of troops.

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Inside The Soviet Army

An ADF District is similar in structure. The key objective is covered by an Army. Two or three independent ADF corps are deployed in the sectors under greatest threat while the less endangered areas are covered by ADF divisions, each of which, of course, has a key objective of its own. The District Commander also has two interceptor air regiments under his command and radar detection facilities, including very large aircraft equipped with powerful radars. The nerve centre-Moscow-is, of course, covered by an ADF District; the main approaches to this District by ADF Armies and the secondary sectors by ADF corps. Each District and Army has, of course, the task of covering a key installation of its own. The ADF contains two ADF Districts. Something must be said about the reasons for the existence of the second of these-the Baku District. Unlike the Moscow District, the Baku ADF District does not have a key target to protect. The fact that Baku produces oil is irrelevant: twenty-four times as much oil is produced in the Tatarstan area as in Baku ...»

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Kursk: The Greatest Battle
This epic confrontation between German and Soviet forces was one of the most important military engagements in history and epitomised total war.
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The Seventh Tower 5: Into Battle
The Dark World is in danger, for the Veil is vulnerable.
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Battle: The Definitive Illustrated History
Covering over 3,000 years of fighting, Battle is the definitive record of this remarkable but brutal story of mankind.
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The Battle of Newton Road
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World Was Going Our Way: The KGB and the Battle For the Third World
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Battle of Britain: July - October 1940
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Greatest Cat Stories Ever Told
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