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The Flowers of Evil (with parallel French text)

Автор:   Charles B.
мягкая обложка
464 страниц
2008 год
Издательство:   Oxford University Press
316 руб
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Описание:This bold new translation, which restores the banned poems to their original places and reveals the full richness and variety of the collection, makes available to English speakers a powerful and original version of the world. "The Flowers of Evi"l, which T. S. Eliot called the greatest example of modern poetry in any language, shocked the literary world of nineteenth century France with its outspoken portrayal of lesbian love, its linking sexuality and death, its unremitting irony, and its unflinching celebration of the seamy side of urban life. The poems also pose the question of the role of evil in our lives, of whether there are not external forces working to frustrate human plans and to enlist men and women on appalling or stultifying scenarios not of their own making. Jonathan Culler' s Introduction outlines this vision, stressing that Baudelaire is more than just the poet of the modern city. Originally to be called `The Lesbians' , "The Flowers of Evil" contains the most extraordinary body of love poetry. Six offending poems were banned, in a conviction that was not overturned until 1949. The volume was seized by the police, and Baudelaire and his published were put on trial for offence to public decency.

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Мифы древности - Ближний Восток

Die Mythologischen und kultischen Texte aus Ras-Shamra. - Budapest, 1959. Aistleitner J. Die Keret-Legend. // Deutschsprachiger Auszug aus der Zeitschrift Theologia. - Budapest, 1938. Arnaud D. Textes Syrienns de l'(ge du bronze r(cent. - Barcelone, 1991. Caquot A., Tarragon J., Conchillos J. Textes Ougaritiques. - P., 1989. Caquot A., Sznicer M., Herdner A. Texts ougaritiques. - I: Myths et l(gendes. - Paris, 1971. Dressler H.H.P. The Aqhat. Text: A New Transcription. Translation. Commentary and Introduction. - Cambridge, 1976. Gibson J.C.L. Caananite Myths and Legends. - Edinburg, 1978. Ginsberg H.L. Ugaritic Myths, Epics and Legends. // ANET. Langhe R. De Le textes de Ras Shamra et leur rapports avec l'Ancient Testament. - V. 1 — 2. - Paris, 1945. Margalit B. The Ugaritic Poem of Aqht. Text: Translation. Commentary. - Berlin — N. Y., 1989. Ras-Shamra parallels. The Texts from Ugarit and the Hebrew Bible. - V. 1 — 2. - Roma, 1972 — 1975. Smith M. Ugaritic Baal cycles. - Leiden — N. Y. - K(ln, 1994. Исследования Вильхельм Г ...»

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Багетная рама "Irma" (цвет: коричневый), 30x40 см.
Багетные рамы предназначены для оформления картин на холсте, на картоне, а также вышивок и фотографий. Оформленное изделие всегда
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Раздел: Размер 30x40
Глобус политический, d=21 см.
Глобус политический. Диаметр - 21 см. На треугольной подставке.
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Шарики для палаток и сухих бассейнов. Диаметр 5 см, в упаковке 100 штук.
445 руб
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I walked miles through the city a\ nd recog\ nized \ nothi\ ng as a gia\ nt claw ate at my stomach while the i\ nside of my head felt airy as if I was about to go mad. it’s \ not so much that \ nothi\ ng mea\ ns a\ nythi\ ng but more that it keeps mea\ ni\ ng \ nothi\ ng, there’s \ no release, just gurus a\ nd self- appoi\ nted gods a\ nd hucksters. the more people say, the less there is to say. eve\ n the best books are dry sawdust. —from ' fi\ nger\ nails; \ nostrils; shoelaces' The fifth a\ nd fi\ nal collectio\ n of poems from o\ ne of America' s best-k\ now\ n co\ ntemporary writers of poetry a\ nd prose - a\ nd ma\ ny would claim its most i\ nflue\ ntial a\ nd imitated poet. the gas li\ ne is leaki\ ng, the bird is go\ ne from the cage, the skyli\ ne is dotted with vultures; Be\ n\ ny fi\ nally got off the stuff a\ nd Betty \ now has a job as a waitress; a\ nd the chim\ ney sweep was quite delicate as he giggled up through the soot.
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In the Twilight of Good and Evil. Cesare Lombroso and the Criminological Imagination
Furthermore, addresses the question of how to understand the relationship between the gothic tradition and contemporary critical criminological perspectives, as mediated through the discussion of Lombroso’s thought and its influence on the discipline of criminology.
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He announced his solo career on April 29, 2010 on The Killers official website.
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Necessary Evil (Aircraft)
High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles!
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Tree of the Knowlenge of Goon Ann Evil
In the Book of Genesis, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil or the tree of knowledge (and occasionally translated as the tree of conscience, Hebrew was a tree in the middle of the Garden of Eden from which God directly forbade Adam (Eve having not yet been created) to eat. A serpent later tempted Eve, who was aware of the prohibition, to eat the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge . Adam also ate, and they became aware of their nakedness. After this, in order to deny them access to the tree of life (and, hence, immortality), they were banished from the garden and forced to survive through agriculture "by the sweat of their brow". High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles!
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Guide to the autumn flowers of Minnesota, field and garden
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Dante's garden, with legends of the flowers
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Wild flowers of Deseret, a collection of efforts in verse
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The garden of Japan. A year's diary of its flowers
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Letters from Florida on the scenery, climate, social and material conditions, and practical advantages of the "Land of flowers"
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Abscission of flowers and fruits in the Solanaceae, with special reference to Nicotiana
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A practical treatise on the cultivation of the rose, carnation, chrysanthemum, voilet, and other winter flowering plants. Also greenhouse construction . . How to grow cut flowers.
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