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1100 Words You Need to Know

Автор:   Murray B.
мягкая обложка
384 страниц
2008 год
Издательство:   Barron's Ed
515 руб
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Описание:Updated to meet the needs of students preparing for the latest versions of the SAT and ACT college entrance tests, the new edition of this helpful, longtime best-selling book features word lists with definitions, analogy exercises, word games, and words-in-context exercises. A new Bonus Materials section commemorates this book' s 40th Anniversary as a leader in vocabulary building and test preparation. A special feature is the authors' Panorama of Words, in which each of the book' s 1100 words is presented in a sentence from a well-known novel, play, poem, or other literary source.

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It is a time of fruition, of pleasure and of renewal of the bodily spirits, is it not?” I had rehearsed my little piece well. Catherine gazed at me in a manner that indicated both her surprise and pleasure that I should be so well schooled. “I have not had the courage to explain it so to Grace and Susan,” she said with a somewhat doleful air. “Why-there is no need,” Pearl interjected, “A rehearsal of a sort is requisite for Grace at least. Dear, sweet Susan will lend herself more easily to the occasion and by my judgement and Arabella's will squeal little when being pistoned by her first cock. Even so, it would be as well for her to be broken in a little. Of this you need know nothing,” she added slyly. “After all, we are but anticipating by perhaps less than a year in both their cases what they will otherwise be brought surreptitiously to enjoy by such seducing males as they encounter.” Catherine grew flushed at this, but nodded. There was evident relief in her at what Pearl had said last. “Yes, it is true. I feel guiltless when I do consider that, Pearl-and, as you say, I shall know nothing of what might occur-in the next day or two?” The question in her voice being put so slyly was amusing, yet Pearl as I treated the matter gravely, as befitted the occasion in Catherine's eyes ...»

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