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Справочная юридическая литература. Нормативные акты Справочная юридическая литература. Нормативные акты
Нормативные акты гражданского и жилищного права Нормативные акты гражданского и жилищного права


A Legal Guide (на английском языке) Real Estate in Russia.

Автор:   Syrbe T.
твердый переплет
136 страниц
2010 год
Издательство:   Волтерс Клувер
789 руб
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Описание:Written by distinguished practitioners and providing an overview of Russian real estate law in the English language, this book examines the opportunities and challenges players encounter in Russia' s real estate market, which has been dramatically reshaped by the recent global financial turmoil. In 11 chapters the authors address all relevant legal aspects of transactions in the real estate arena, including property issues, development and construction, traditional financing structures and post-crisis trends, civil and corporate law aspects, tax and currency control regimes, merger control and insolvency procedures, as well as specific due diligence issues and the significant role of the state. Rather than summarizing applicable laws on a theoretical level, the book focuses on the aspects of greatest relevance in the current practice, particularly where transactions involve foreign financing, offshore holding structures or other cross-border elements. The authors are four partners and counsel from the real estate, corporate, banking and tax practices of the Moscow office of Clifford Chance, a leading international law firm that in 2011 celebrates its 20' th year of operations in Russia. In-house counsel, managers, businesspeople, lawyers in private practice and students will, we hope, find this book to be especially useful. This book is the first of its kind in Russian legal literature.

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Outstanding and original photgraphy provides a unique taste of a country steeped in history and tradition. - Here is a visually stunning introduction to the fascinating and diverse land of Russia - Superb colour photographs of costumes, crafts, jewels, and palaces offer a unique ' eyewitness' view of Russia, and the lives of its inhabitants through the ages - See a Mongol warrior' s imposing suit of armour; the stunning diamond-encrusted crown jewels; beautifully painted woden crafts; the spectacular architecture of Russia' s most famous cities - Learn about the sinister secret police; how religious icons are restored to their former glory; about the opulent and extravagent lifestyles of the tsars; why the peasant, Pugachev was locked up in a cage; about the revolutionary Bolsheviks - Discover the importance of the Russian Orthodox Church; the 13th-century paper made of birch bark; what happens inside a banya; the great tradition of tea drinking The largest country in the world, Russia is nearly twice the size of the United States.
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