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Oscar Wilde and the Dead Man's Smile

Автор:   Gyles B.
мягкая обложка
384 страниц
2010 год
Издательство:   Hodder&Stoughton
391 руб
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Описание:Oscar discovers dark secrets lying at the heart of the La Grange company, and is confronted by murders both foul and bizarre. To solve the crimes, to unravel the mystery, Oscar risks his life - and his reputation - embarking on a dangerous adventure that takes him from bohemian night clubs to an asylum for the insane, from a duel in the Buttes de Chaumont to the gates of Reading Gaol. The latest in Gyles Brandreth' s acclaimed series of Victorian murder mysteries featuring Oscar Wilde and Arthur Conan Doyle. Paris, 1883. Oscar Wilde, aged twenty-seven, has come to the city of decadence to discover its charms, to rekindle his friendship with the divine Sarah Bernhardt and to collaborate with France' s most celebrated actor-manager, Edmond La Grange.

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Английский язык с Агатой Кристи. Убийство в Восточном Экспрессе (ASCII-IPA)

It is now not a safeguard (теперь это уже не гарантия /безопасности/; safeguard гарантия, охрана, мера предосторожности), but a danger (а, наоборот, угроза /разоблачения/; danger опасность; угроза). bewildered [bI'wIld@d] frightened ['fraItnd] collide [k@'laId] safeguard ['seIfgA:d] danger ['deIndZ@] Bewildered, the woman smiled in spite of herself, Yes, indeed, all my ladies have said so. I She stopped, her mouth open, looking frightened again. No, no, said Poirot. I assure you all is well. See, I will tell you how this happened. This man, the man you saw in Wagon Lit uniform, comes out of the dead mans compartment. He collides with you. That is bad luck for him. He has hoped that no one will see him. What to do next? He must get rid of his uniform. It is now not a safeguard, but a danger. His glance went to M. Bouc and Dr. Constantine, who were listening attentively (его взгляд перешел = он взглянул на мсье Бука и доктора Константина которые внимательно /его/ слушали). There is the snow, you see (понимаете, идет снег: «вот есть снег»; you see понимаете, видите ли) ...»

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