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The Maiden with the Mead. A Goddess of Initiation Rituals in Old Norse Mythology?

Автор:   Maria K.
мягкая обложка
168 страниц
2009 год
Издательство:   Книга по Требованию
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Описание:This study shows how the Maiden with the Mead appears at the climax of a ritual structure within the myths - a structure that clearly is based on Pagan initiation rituals. Namely the mead-offering Maiden that appears at the heart of many a myth and heroic legend. Students of the Poetic Edda have long ignored a seemingly unassuming, yet most important mythical character: The Maiden is the aim of the initiation and its consecration. Her mead is the mead that transfers knowledge, wisdom and indeed resurrection to the initiate. Only the initiate that overcomes his fears may find her in that ghastly realm and bring himself and the Goddess back to life - and to resurrection. This study shows the immense importance of this underlying myth and the ritual which it reflects, and throws new light on Old Norse religious practice and how to interpret Edda poetry. The study also shows that although the Maiden appears with different names and different status (she may be a goddess, a valkyrie, or giantess)she is always the same being - the Great Goddess of light hidden in the utter darkness of death.

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История веры и религиозных идей. Том 2. От Гаутамы Будды до триумфа христианства

Об обрядах инициации молодых воинов в индоевропейских обществах: Dumezil. ibid., р. 34 sq.; ср.: Eliade. Naissances mystiques. Essai sur quelques types d'initiation (Р., 1959), pр. 174 sq. Оберсерках: ibid., библиография, рр. 174–182, прим. 1-11. См также: Кlaus voп See. Berserker. — . Zeitschrift jйг deutsche Wortfortschuпg, N.F., 2, 1961, рр. 129–135; А. Margaret Areпdt. The Heroic Pattern: Old Germanic Helmets. — From Old Norse Literature aпd Mythology А Symposium, edited Ьу Edgar С. Polome, Austin, Texas, 1969, рр. 130–199); Eliade. Les Daces et les Loups. De Zalmoxis а Gengis-Khan, 1970, рр. 13–30; Магу R. Gersteiп. Germanic Warg: ТЬе out-Iaw as Werwolf. — Myth iп /пdo-Europeaп Aпtiquity, рр. 131–156. О ритуальной ликантропии: De Zalmoxis а Gengis-Khan, р. 26 sq. Об аналогиях между берсерками и молодыми хаматса — членами общины каннибалов в племени квакиутль: Dumezil. Horace et les Curiaces, р. 42 sq.; Eliade. De Zalmoxis а Gengis-Khan, р. 26 sq. О валькириях и Вальхалле материалы и библиографию см. в.: J. de Vries. Altgerm. Rel., 11, р. 58 sq.; H.R. Ellis Davidsoп. Gods and Myths, p. 61 sq. § 176 О Тюре (Тiwaz, Ziu): J. de Vries. Altgerm. Relig., 11, р. 13 sq ...»

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