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The role of the Internet in the primary school classroom:. From a learning and teaching perspective

Автор:   Chris C.
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136 страниц
2009 год
Издательство:   Книга по Требованию
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Описание:The study found that while all of the teachers used the Internet to some degree to support teaching and learning activities in the classroom this was done in various ways and with varying success. In particular, ICT infrastructure, access, and use varied between classes and schools. Computer related technology is increasingly used in society today, and has influenced in various ways on classrooms across the world. In New South Wales, Australia, there has been an increasing emphasis on teaching using information and communication technology (ICT), and in particular the Internet. Data for this study were collected from four public primary schools in New South Wales, during one ten week school term. This study has investigated how the Internet was used to support teaching and learning in primary school classrooms. Also of importance were the pedagogical aspects of integrating Internet technology into the classroom teaching program. Case study methodology was used for the study to provide an in-depth view of how some teachers have integrated the use of the Internet into their classroom teaching and learning activities.

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But investing in concepts isn't stupid; it's what VCs do, and the best of them are far from stupid. The stock of a company that doesn't yet have earnings is worth something. It may take a while for the market to learn how to value such companies, just as it had to learn to value common stocks in the early 20th century. But markets are good at solving that kind of problem. I wouldn't be surprised if the market ultimately did a better job than VCs do now. Going public early will not be the right plan for every company. And it can of course be disruptive-- by distracting the management, or by making the early employees suddenly rich. But just as the market will learn how to value startups, startups will learn how to minimize the damage of going public. 2. The Internet The Internet genuinely is a big deal. That was one reason even smart people were fooled by the Bubble. Obviously it was going to have a huge effect. Enough of an effect to triple the value of Nasdaq companies in two years? No, as it turned out. But it was hard to say for certain at the time. [1] The same thing happened during the Mississippi and South Sea Bubbles ...»

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Online and Offline Integrated Arts Management The Potential of the Internet in Arts Management.
This examination is undertaken in response to the issue of incorporating traditional arts management effectively in online arts management via the websites of arts organizations: a debate the author considers "somewhat unnecessary since the world we are living in has become increasingly an online and offline combined environment".
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Saudi Women and the Internet. Cultural and Gender Issues
In this study gender was found to be significantly associated with students’ email usage, and chatting.
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Secularising Religion. A Response to the Secularisation thesis and the decline in Sunday school attendance The use of Christ-figures in the genre of children’s film:
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Racial Isolation, Educational Equity, and the Right to Equal Access. The Carlin Case and School Integration
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Embracing Innovation and Gaining "ownership" of the Social Studies Exemplars. A Classroom Based Study Involving Teachers in Participatory Action Research within a Community of Practice
It examines the implications of sociocultural processes for learning with its emphasis on interaction and collaborative learning environments.
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Sociology of the Internet
High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles!
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Reply to the Sequel of Hon. Horace Mann, being a supplement to The Bible, the rod, and religion, in common schools
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The control of city school finances
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The teacher, the school, and the community
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Effective Creativity in the Workplace. The role of ideas in formalized text mining and knowledge utilization
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Annual report of the Montana State Reform School for the year ending December 1st ..
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Hints and suggestions on school architecture and hygiene with plans and illustrations. Prepared under the direction of the Honourable the Minister of Education, by J. George Hodgins
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Conflicting Forms of Use. The Potential of and Limits to the Use of the Internet as a Public Sphere
Whilst a number of studies have debated whether or not the internet is a public sphere, here Salter undertakes a conceptual analysis of public sphere theory and the socio-structural context in which public spheres are situated, thus drawing on the wider corpus of Habermas' s work to paying special attention to the thesis of ‘colonisation' . Salter shows how activists must create radical public spheres through both communication and action, as well as through engagement with the technologies – they must form the technologies themselves, resisting processes of economic and state colonisation.
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The Evolution of the Modern Concept of School Discipline
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Primary English Reader The Bike Race.
They bring first language teaching methods to reading lessons in international classrooms.
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