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A Study of Three Institutions. Student Mobility in France: The ERASMUS Mobility Policy in French Higher Education

Автор:   Elise L.
мягкая обложка
244 страниц
2009 год
Издательство:   Книга по Требованию
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Описание:To increase mobility and create a more effective work force, the EU set up partnerships between education and industry. This book considers the impact of the ERASMUS policy on three diverse French institutions: L' Institut des Etudes Politiques (Sciences Po), Paris III (La Nouvelle Sorbonne), and Paris 8 (Vincennes - Saint Denis). It provides perspective on how French institutions implement EU educational policies while preserving French ideals. The study answers how institutional history and culture affect student and administrative participation. One of the goals of the creation of the European Union was to eliminate barriers of movement among member states. Over one million students have been ERASMUS participants. The main objective of ERASMUS is to ensure that 10 percent of the student population will spend at one semester of their degree program at institutions in other member states. One of the goals was to restructure higher education among member countries to increase student mobility since agreement on shared curricula proved impossible. "ERASMUS," or "The European Action Scheme for the Mobility of Students," was launched in 1987.

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Swinging wife

They seemed to have no shame and always to be on the lookout for some sexual encounter. He wished he had had those experiences for himself when he was in high school, but, his memories consisted mainly of groping in the back seat of his father's car for a cheap feel. Fran smiled boldly at Mr. Briscoe. "I'm flattered," she told him, letting her eyes give more meaning to her remark than her simple words. "We've instituted a new policy far homecoming queens," Mr. Briscoe went on, clearing his throat in an effort to assert to assert his fast-fading authority in the situation. "The winner must give a speech at assembly, stating why she thinks she deserves this honor." "When?" Fran wanted to know. She wondered if she would have time to think up a speech, or if she would have to improvise one. Mr. Briscoe glanced at his watch. "I'm calling a three-thirty assembly for this afternoon," he said. "For all the teachers and the student body." At the use of the word body, he allowed his eyes to once again caress Fran's form. "What time is it now?" Fran asked. "Two o'clock," he answered. "I might add that I'm interviewing several girls for this honor, in case your speech doesn't quite measure up to the standards I've laid down." Shill Fran thought ...»

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