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Actualizing (Im)possible Selves amidst Policy (Non)events. A Feminist Critical Case Study of Puerto Rican and Dominican Youth Mothers

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196 страниц
2008 год
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Описание:Despite dramatic increases in the Latina/o population represented in US schools and disparate representations of youth mothers across racial/ethnic groupings, Puerto Rican and Dominican youth mothers remain peripheral to educational policy investigations. Youth negotiations highlight implications surrounding policy initiatives for youth, improving school practices and programs, reconceptualizing curriculum surrounding teen pregnancy and sexuality education, and fostering culturally responsive teaching. This book critically examines the ways Puerto Rican and Dominican youth mothers negotiate macrolevel policies surrounding teen pregnancy and sexuality education across local, urban school structures. This work is particularly relevant to educational researchers, K-12 school officials, teacher educators, and policy makers. Through feminist critical policy analysis and Latina feminisms the author reveals ways in which Latina youth mothers are constructing (im)possible selves across academic and guidance counseling structures and an on-site parenting youth program.

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Сравнительный анализ политических систем

33 (Winter 1987): 719; James Cotton, «From Authoritarianism to Democracy in South Korea», Political Studies 37 (June 1989): 24459; Han SungJoo, «South Korea in 1987: The Politics of Democratization», Asian Survey 28 (January 1988): 5261; Hong Yung Lee, «South Korea in 1992: A Turning Point in Democratization», Asian Survey 33 (January 1993): 3242; ChungIn Moon, «The Demise of a Developmentalist State? Neoconservative Reforms and Political Consequences in South Korea», Journal of Developing Societies 4 (JanuaryApril 1988): 6784; Stephan Haggard and ChungIn Moon, «Institutions and Economic Policy: Theory and a Korean Case Study», World Politics 42 (January 1990): 21037; Doh Ghul Shin, Myung Chey, and KwangWoong Kim, «Cultural Origins of Public Support for Democracy in Korea: An Empirical Test of the DouglasWildavsky Theory of Culture», Comparative Political Studies 22 (July 1989): j 21738; AieRie Lee, «Culture Shift and Popular Protest in South Korea», Comparative Political Studies 26 (April 1993): 6380; Hagen Koo, ...»

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Светильник с датчиком света и движения "Майти лайт".
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