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Applications to Biological Imaging of Single Molecules in Live Cells and Organisms Peptide-coated Quantum Dots.

Автор:   Fabien P.
мягкая обложка
172 страниц
2009 год
Издательство:   Книга по Требованию
2781 руб
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Описание:The stringent conditions imposed by complex biological milieus demand that these nanomaterials be stable and biocompatible. Toward this aim, this thesis introduces an original surface chemistry that employs custom-designed peptides as an organic/inorganic interface on the surface of quantum dots. There is little doubt that recent advances in material sciences and nanotechnology will contribute to the development of new therapeutics and permit new discoveries in medical and biological sciences. Already, nanomaterials such as semiconductor nanocrystals, also known as quantum dots, have revolutionized cell and animal imaging techniques. Peptide-coated quantum dots were engineered for in vivo animal imaging and employed to study the diffusion and the compartmentalization of lipid raft-associated membrane proteins, one at a time, in live cells. Using the versatile physico-chemical properties of peptides, a “toolkit” was developed to functionalize quantum dots and control their biochemical activity at the nanometer scale. This peptide coating strategy was successfully tested on quantum dots emitting from the visible to the near-infrared spectrum range.

Orthomol Immun Junior Сила иммунитета на страже Вашего ребенка Orthomol Immun Junior Сила иммунитета на страже Вашего ребенка

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Distributed operating systems

In certain ways, Linda is similar to Prolog, on which it is loosely based. Both support an abstract space that functions as a kind of data base. In Prolog, the space holds facts and rules; in Linda it holds tuples. In both cases, processes can provide templates to be matched against the contents of the data base. Despite these similarities, the two systems also differ in significant ways. Prolog was intended for programming artificial intelligence applications on a single processor, whereas Linda was intended for general programming on multicomputers. Prolog has a complex pattern-matching scheme involving unification and backtracking; Linda's matching algorithm is much simpler. In Linda, a successful match removes the matching tuple from the tuple space; in Prolog it does not. Finally, a Linda process unable to locate a needed tuple blocks, which forms the basis for interprocess synchronization. In Prolog, there are no processes and programs never block. Implementation of Linda Efficient implementations of Linda are possible on various kinds of hardware ...»

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Подушка для автокресел, детская "Roxy" от 1 до 3 лет.
Детские подушки-рогалики обеспечивают комфортный сон в автомобильном путешествии. Удобная форма рогалика поддерживает шею и не позволяет
391 руб
Раздел: Дорожные пледы, подушки
Магнитные истории "Мир вокруг".
Детская магнитная игра "Мир вокруг" поможет в большом кругу друзей весело провести время. Она заключается в следующем – ребенку
499 руб
Раздел: Игры на магнитах
Карандаши цветные "Kores", 24 цвета, с точилкой.
Цветные карандаши имеют насыщенные цвета. Шестигранная форма корпуса снижает усталость и придает дополнительный комфорт. Мягкий грифель.
396 руб
Раздел: 13-24 цвета

Microcavity Quantum Electrodynamics. A dissertation on light-matter interaction with semiconductor quantum dots in microcavities
We study both weak and strong coupling, fermion and boson emitters, linear and nonlinear regimes, one quantum dot and many.
          3212 руб             2010 год          216 стр.          мягкая обложка

Electron spins in lateral quantum dots
In this thesis, a number of important steps towards the use of electron spins as qubits are reported: the fabrication process of lateral quantum dots, the isolation of single electrons in (double) quantum dots, energy spectroscopy of few-electron spin states, development of a new technique to probe a nearly-isolated quantum dot, `single-shot' read-out of the electron spin orientation, measurements of the spin relaxation time, and increased understanding of the interaction of the electron spin with its environment. This thesis describes a series of experiments in order to understand and control the behavior of the spin and charge degree of freedom of single electrons, confined in semiconductor lateral quantum dots. This research work is motivated by the prospects of using the electron spin, rather than its charge, as a quantum bit (qubit), the basic building block of a quantum computer.
          2781 руб             2008 год          184 стр.          мягкая обложка

Optical Orientation of Nuclear Spins in an Individual Quantum Dot. Polarization and Manipulation of a Mesoscopic Nuclear Spin Ensemble Using a Single Confined Electron Spin
The present work describes an experimental assessment of these topics.
          2359 руб             2008 год          100 стр.          мягкая обложка

Eigenstate Calculations for Multidimensional Nanostructures. Quantum Wells, Wires and Dots
Recently a new category of numerical methods, called meshless methods has shown great promise in overcoming these problems by eliminating the mesh generation step.
          1978 руб             2008 год          92 стр.          мягкая обложка

The Frock-coated Communist
He was the co-author of The Communist Manifesto, a ruthless party tactician, and the man who sacrificed his best years so Karl Marx could write Das Kapital.
          691 руб             2010 год          480 стр.          мягкая обложка

Quantum nonlocality
How one electron can be in two remote areas simultaneously?
          492 руб             2010 год          120 стр.          мягкая обложка

High Detectivity Quantum Well Infrared Photodetectors. QWIP Noise and Detectivity at Low Temperatures
We performed high-sensitivity measurements on the dark current and the noise current of IHETs and their constituent QWIPs at 4. 2K. The dominant noise of the QWIPs in this regime is not from the expected shot noise but from the 1/f noise and a bias-independent noise.
          1978 руб             2009 год          100 стр.          мягкая обложка

Evolutionary Analysis of the Relaxin-like Peptide Family and their Receptors
The analyses discussed here were able to identify a novel receptor, provide insight into the physiological importance of various interactions between peptides and receptors and clarify the evolution of a clinically relevant family of peptide hormones.
          3188 руб             2008 год          208 стр.          мягкая обложка

Magneto-optical Studies of Novel Magnetic Materials and Quantum Structures Development of MOKE spectrometer.
In this monograph, we focus on MOKE through the principles supported by detailed derivations of equations for MOKE, and the development and testing of the MOKE spectrometer operating in polar and longitudinal geometries at room temperature.
          1994 руб             2009 год          76 стр.          мягкая обложка

Quantum Imaging and Sensing with Entangled Photons. Heisenberg limited measurements with entangled light
Quantum imaging and sensing is a subject of quantum optics and metrology that investigates the ultimate performance limits of optical imaging and sensing allowed by the laws of quantum mechanics.
          1994 руб             2009 год          84 стр.          мягкая обложка

Attosecond Strong Field Control. Control of quantum path interferences in high harmonic generation and the absorption of attosecond pulse trains in helium
High-order harmonics are a unique tool to investigate dynamics in atomic and molecular systems as they allow the generation of pulses with attosecond duration.
          3212 руб             2010 год          156 стр.          мягкая обложка

Manipulating sudden death of quantum entanglement. Quantum Control of Entanglement Sudden Death for Qubit-Qubit and Qubit-Qutrit Systems
This strange observation has been named entanglement sudden death.
          3212 руб             2009 год          124 стр.          мягкая обложка

Quantum Violation of Macroscopic Realism. And how the Classical World Emerges from the Quantum Realm
When and how physical systems stop to behave quantum mechanically and begin to behave classically is still heavily debated in the physics community and subject to theoretical and experimental research.
          2359 руб             2008 год          100 стр.          мягкая обложка

Decoherence of Spatially Separated Quantum Bits
One of the major challenges is decoherence:
          2400 руб             2008 год          132 стр.          мягкая обложка

Spin Injection from Magnetic Thin Films into InGaAs Quantum Wells. The Physics of Electron Spin Polarization in Magnetic Metals and the Injection of Spin Polarized Electrons in Ferromagnetic/Semiconductor Systems
This work is an investigation into spin injection from magnetic thin film contacts into (100) GaAs/InGaAs quantum wells in spin light emitting diodes (spin LEDs).
          3231 руб             2008 год          208 стр.          мягкая обложка

Monocytic Cell Responses to Aspergillus Fumigatus. Investigation of Phagocytosis, Gene Expression and Peptide Presentation
It is pathogenic to humans, causing life-threatening infections in immunocompromised patients, like leukemia and bone-marrow transplant patients.
          2413 руб             2008 год          124 стр.          мягкая обложка

Enhancing Security In Quantum Cryptography
Now that the practical implementation of basic quantum cryptography has been achieved, one can be almost certain that new protocols will sooner or later be tested for the efficiency they could provide.
          2005 руб             2009 год          56 стр.          мягкая обложка

The method of transductance is via the interaction between the electrical and mechanical resonances within a monolithic sapphire mono-crystal supported by a low-loss suspension system.
          2413 руб             2009 год          124 стр.          мягкая обложка

Light Propagation in Nanostructured Metamaterials and Micro-Resonators. Subwavelength Light Confinement and Quantum Chaos
Nanoscale light confinement and guiding are new growing areas of modern research with potential applications in nearfield microscopy, compact optoelectronics, all-optical circuitry and integrated photonics.
          2005 руб             2010 год          112 стр.          мягкая обложка

Studies in Quantum Statistical Mechanics. Condensate Statistics of an Ideal Bose Gas and Atomic Coherence Effects in Quantum Optics and their Applications
Further, strategies to convert the canonical ensemble results into the microcanonical ensemble description are also discussed. Part II: Various topics bound by a common theme based on the principle of atomic coherence are studied in the second part.
          2781 руб             2010 год          180 стр.          мягкая обложка

On the Brownian Motion: Application of Brownian Motion: from nanomagnetism to quantum dissipation From Classical to Quantal.
In this book, We formulate a model to describe the relaxation of single domain magnetic nanoparticles to incorporate the effect of dipolar interaction as well as particle size distribution on the measured relaxation spectra and irreversible, nonequilibrium magnetization response in field-cooled (FC) and zero-field-cooled (ZFC) cases.
          2413 руб             2010 год          152 стр.          мягкая обложка

The Information Geometry of Chaos. Toward a Unifying Characterization of Classical and Quantum Chaos
Special focus is devoted to the conventional Riemannian geometrodynamical approach to chaos and to the Zurek-Paz quantum chaos criterion of linear entropy growth.
          2413 руб             2008 год          132 стр.          мягкая обложка

Agouti-related peptide
In humans, the agouti-related peptide is encoded by the AGRP gene.
          1840 руб             2010 год          132 стр.          мягкая обложка

Relational Approach to Quantum Physics
          3231 руб             2010 год          332 стр.          мягкая обложка

Basic Concepts of Quantum Mechanics
These concepts are described in roughly the order that they were first discovered; for a more complete history of the subject, see History of quantum mechanics.
          1596 руб             2010 год          124 стр.          мягкая обложка

Topological Quantum Field Theory
Donaldson, Jones, Witten, and Kontsevich have all won Fields Medals for work related to topological field theory.
          1392 руб             2010 год          80 стр.          мягкая обложка

Old Quantum Theory
The old quantum theory was a collection of results from the years 1900–1925 which predate modern quantum mechanics.
          1392 руб             2010 год          84 стр.          мягкая обложка

Quantum Group
In general, a quantum group is some kind of Hopf algebra.
          1392 руб             2010 год          84 стр.          мягкая обложка

Quantum Number
Since any quantum system can have one or more quantum numbers, it is a rigorous job to list all possible quantum numbers.
          1392 руб             2010 год          76 стр.          мягкая обложка

Quantum Reflection
This effect manifests the wave nature of particles and influences collisions of ultracold atoms and interaction of atoms with solid surfaces.
          1392 руб             2010 год          88 стр.          мягкая обложка


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