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Minoan Games and Game Boards. An archaeological investigation of game-related material from Bronze Age Crete

Автор:   Niklas H.
мягкая обложка
368 страниц
2008 год
Издательство:   Книга по Требованию
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Описание:This thesis collects and analyses game-related material from Bronze Age Crete, defines the field of research and examine gaming as part of social history. The game-related finds can also highlight other aspects of the Minoan society; the public and private spheres, connections to ritual and religion, etc. First, the cup-holes made on pavement slabs at public, multi-purpose areas, such as street corners and courtyards, are investigated. These influences often came from Egypt, but little seems to have continued to the Greek mainland. The old, world-wide phenomenon of playing board games has received little attention among scholars studying the ancient cultures. Finally, all kinds of small objects are investigated, e. g. markers, pieces, dice and lots. Then the elaborate Knossos game board provides a new understanding for its details, layout and logic. The book starts with a history of research of Eastern Mediterranean games and game boards and then analyses three types of archaeological material connected to games. We have a local production of gaming material, with various dimensions of foreign influence.

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Agile Software Development

Non-zero-sum games are those with multiple winners or multiple losers. Many of the games you would consider playing on that winter's evening are non-zero-sum games: poker, pachisi, and hide-and-seek. Software development is also a non-zero-sum game. Positional games are those in which the entire state of the game can be discovered by looking at the markers on the board at that moment. Chess and tic-tac-toe are examples. Bridge isn't, because the played cards don't show which person played them. Some people try to play software development as a positional game, requiring that the documentation reflect the history and current state of the project. They intend that, should anyone leave the project, a replacement person will be able to join, read the documentation, and pick up where the other person left off. We shall come to see that this is not an effective gaming strategy for software development. (Positional games are actually far more interesting than the simple description above implies. John Conway, in his book On Numbers and Games, was able to show how two-person, positional games form a superset of all numbers: real, imaginary, finite, and transfinite ...»

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Наглядные пособия: Games; Gifts; Holidays (Игрушки; Подарки; Праздники) (сост. Белозерова О. М. ) (32 карточки) Английский язык:
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Elementary Communication Games
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Games and Activities Book 1
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Intermediate Communication Games
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Side by Side 3Ed 2 Communication Games
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Writing Games
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Berlin Games. How Hitler Stole the Olympic Dream
But behind the scenes, they were a dress rehearsal of the horrors of the forthcoming conflict.
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Circle Games Level 2
United by the theme of the circle, these stories are set in the UK, the USA and Singapore.
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Penguin Readers 5: Ripley's Game
But how far will he go?
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Шейдеры в играх и приложениях XNA Game Studio 2.0 и 3.0 для Windows и Xbox 360 (+ CD-ROM)
В 137 главах книги подробно, с листингами, описано программирование 107 игр и приложений (объем каждой игры или приложения - от 1 до 130 Мб, а общий объем - более 1 Гб), которые размещены на видеодиске DVD.
          8876 руб             2009 год          1206 стр.          мягкая обложка

The Game
Here she is introduced to "the game" which involves adventures in the forbidden "mythosphere".
          236 руб             2008 год


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