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Retelling the story of young adult Christians. who have non-Christian family members in Korea

Автор:   Hee Y.K.
мягкая обложка
164 страниц
2009 год
Издательство:   Книга по Требованию
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Описание:This book focuses on the Christian life narratives of young adults who have non-Christian family members in the Republic of Korea. When the young adult Christians have a voice in our society, the discourses will be more evident and this could stimulate new possibilities to discover alternative stories which might offer us different view points for understanding the stories of Christians who are struggling with their non- Christian family. In particular, young adult Christians who are in the period of emerging adulthood may face an even more difficult situation when they practise a different religion from that of their family. Within the unique phenomenon of ‘Korean familism’ and the patriarchal family system, Koreans tend to consider the religious identity of their own family when choosing and/or converting to a religion even though they enjoy freedom of choice. Through this book, the stories of the young adult Christians will be draw into our present life journey. The research should be useful to professionals who are working with young adult Christians or to anyone else who may be interested in the narrative approach.

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Theirs is a gesture of love, surely, but also a gesture of what might be called obsessive parenting. (Obsessive parents know who they are and are generally proud of the fact; non-obsessive parents also know who the obsessives are and tend to snicker at them.) Most innovations in the field of child safety are affiliated withБЂ”shock of shocksБЂ”a new product to be marketed. (Nearly five million car seats are sold each year.) These products are often a response to some growing scare in which, as Peter Sandman might put it, the outrage outweighs the hazard. Compare the four hundred lives that a few swimming pool precautions might save to the number of lives saved by far noisier crusades: child-resistant packaging (an estimated fifty lives a year), flame-retardant pajamas (ten lives), keeping children away from airbags in cars (fewer than five young children a year have been killed by airbags since their introduction), and safety draw-strings on childrenБЂ™s clothing (two lives). Hold on a minute, you say. What does it matter if parents are manipulated by experts and marketers? ShouldnБЂ™t we applaud any effort, regardless of how minor or manipulative, that makes even one child safer? DonБЂ™t parents already have enough to worry about? After all, parents are responsible for one of the most awesomely important feats we know: the very shaping of a childБЂ™s character ...»

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