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Investing in Repression?. Foreign Direct Investment and Human Rights in Poorer Countries

јвтор:   Amir A.
м€гка€ обложка
196 страниц
2009 год
»здательство:    нига по “ребованию
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ќписание:In contrast, there is stronger evidence for the historical structuralist theory that countries with large flows of FDI are more repressive in times of domestic unrest. Political scientist, Amir Azarvan, assesses Ц both quantitatively and qualitatively - the effects of FDI on socioeconomic well-being and physical integrity rights in host countries. This book represents an important contribution to the debate on the impact of foreign direct investment on human rights in the Global South. Case study analysis largely supports these statistical findings and, in the case of Algeria, suggests ways to modify historical structuralism. Statistical analysis largely disconfirms the neoliberal theory that FDI reduces the repression of physical integrity rights over time. These findings thus constitute a challenge to what appears to be an emerging neoliberal consensus in the literature,and imply the need to more closely regulate the activities of multinational corporations.

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When China Rules the World

attitude to farming population modernity public opinion superstitious customs Taiwanese identity urban population Tang, David Tang dynasty (618вАУ907) Tang Shiping Taoism Tata Nano tax reforms TCL tea culture technocratic class technology transfer Temasek Holdings tennis Terracotta Army territorial expansion terrorism Thailand Therborn, G√ґran Tianjin, Treaty of Tibet вАШtime-compression societiesвАЩ Tokugawa era Tokyo (former Edo) tolerance tourism trade unions Treaty of Nanjing tributary system Tu Wei-ming Tung Chee-hwa UN peacekeeping operations, Chinese troops unequal treaties United Kingdom and China colonization decline of industrial employment Industrial Revolution Mandarin teaching overseas Chinese racism share of world population urban population United States and Africa and Australia and China colonized/colonies decline and East Asia economic strength and Europe foreign policies hegemony human rights debate importation of investment and India industrial employment insularity and the international system ...»

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