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Изобразительное искусство/ Теория и техника изобразительного искусства Изобразительное искусство/ Теория и техника изобразительного искусства
Сюжеты мирового искусства Сюжеты мирового искусства


Endless Journeys. An autoethnographic search for culturally inclusive philosophy of science teacher education in Mozambique

Автор:   Emilia A.N.
мягкая обложка
212 страниц
2010 год
Издательство:   Книга по Требованию
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Описание:This book represents part of my journey towards a culturally inclusive philosophy of science teacher education for Mozambique. At an axiological level, for example, questions emerged about what should be included in the science curricula and what science education ought to inspire in the country. When the country achieved its independence from Portugal, an economic and cultural revolution started because the social system underwent major changes in adapting to the new system and new standards of values. From 1498 to 1975 Mozambique, a Southern African country, was a Portuguese colony. In this book I present my reflections on past and present and my visions for a culturally inclusive science teaching and learning. Local cultural and moral values became a source for contesting the legitimacy of the existing science curricula.

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Thanks For The Memories

I was given a syringe to deliver drugs to arms or thighs when and if the need arose, which later became quite often. I had to give Barbra the injections whenever they told me to; otherwise they would have killed us both. I'd seen them do it to others. Barbra liked for me to sing with her and harmonize. She said it made her feel happy like the good ole' days when she was young. She had on pink bell bottoms and a white tank top. She was really out there, stoned, drunk, or drugged out of her mind. The massage idea helped keep a slave enslaved and contained because the accupressure points often matched up correctly with programmed touch spots. It worked well. Bodywork eased the stress of the body while locking the mind in program — a great leisurely and heavenly containment idea to further imprison mind control slaves. With rich and famous slaves they said it was easy because they could send them off on endless journeys, trips, workshops, special spas, expos, etc., because these slaves had the money to pursue different avenues that often led them directly back into containment ...»

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