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The Island of Dr. Moreau (1977 Film)

Автор:   Frederic P. M.
мягкая обложка
72 страниц
2010 год
Издательство:   Книга по Требованию
1188 руб
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Описание:Lancaster perfectly matches Wells' description of Moreau' s physical appearance, unlike the other two actors to play the role on screen, Charles Laughton in 1933' s Island of Lost Souls and Marlon Brando in 1996' s The Island of Dr. Moreau. This movie was filmed in Saint Croix, U. S. Virgin Islands. Andrew Braddock is a shipwreck victim from the "Lady Vain", having also been a member of its crew. After many days at sea, he and one other survivor arrive, unknowingly, upon the island of Dr. Moreau. Besides Moreau, the others in the compound are his associate Dr. Montgomery, his deformed servant M' Ling, and a lovely young woman, Maria. High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! The Island of Dr. Moreau (1977) is the second movie version of the H. G. Wells science fiction novel about a scientist who attempts to convert animals into people, starring Burt Lancaster, Michael York, Barbara Carrera, and Richard Basehart.

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Демон и Лабиринт (Диаграммы, деформации, мимесис)

Арто 1971: Antonin Artaud. Les Tarahumaras. Paris, Gallimard. Арто 1977: Antonin Artaud. Nouveaux ecrits de Rodez. Paris, Gallimard. Арто 1978: Antonin Artaud. Oeuvres completes, t. 3. Paris, Gallimard. Арто 1979: Antonin Artaud. He1iogabale ou 1'Anarchiste соuronne. Paris, Gallimard. Архипов H. И., Раскин А. Г. 1964: Бартоломео Карло Растрелли. Л.-М., Искусство. Бак-Морсс 1989: Susan Buck-Morss. The Dialectics of Seeing. Walter Benjamin and the Arcades Project. Cambridge, Mass. -- London, The MIT Press. Бак-Морсс 1992: Susan Buck-Morss. Aesthetics and Anaesthetics: Walter Benjamin's Artwork Essay reconsidered. -- October, n° 62, Fall 1992, p. 3--42. 315 Балаш 1982: Bela Balazs. Schriften zum Film. Bd. 1. Berlin, Henschelverlag. Балтрушайтис 1957: Jurgis Baltrusaitis. Aberrations: quatre essais sur la legende des formes. Paris, Olivier Perrin. Балтрушайтис 1967: Jurgis Baltrusaitis. La quete d'lsis. Essai sur la legende d'un mythe. Introduction a 1'Egyptomanie. Paris, O. Perrin. Балтрушайтис 1984: Jurgis Baltrusaitis ...»

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Настольная игра "Гномы-вредители. Делюкс".
На первый взгляд, все гномы похожи: маленькие, бородатые, золото любят, упорно стучат своими кирками в подземных туннелях в поисках
1250 руб
Раздел: Карточные игры
Коврик массажный "Первые шаги" от 9 месяцев.
Массажные коврики представляют собой отдельные модули, которые соединяются между собой по принципу "пазл". Массажные элементы,
1368 руб
Раздел: Коврики
Подгузники Libero Comfort (5+), Maxi+, 10-16 кг, 56 штук.
Тянущиеся боковики и эластичный поясок FreeFlex обеспечивают более плотное прилегание подгузника, тем самым препятствуют его протеканию. А
559 руб
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Dr Seuss's ABC: Blue Book
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There's a Wocket in my Pocket! Dr. Seuss's Book of Ridiculous Rhymes
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The Correspondence of the Colonial Governors of Rhode Island, 1723-1775, Volume 1
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The Acts of the General Assembly of Prince Edward Island
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The Little Blue Box of Bright and Early Board Books by Dr. Seuss
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The Dr. Seuss Colouring Book
This beautiful book – featuring two colours of foil on the cover - will provide hours of creative fun for Dr Seuss fans from 7 to 107!
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Reading is Fun with Dr. Seuss
The nonsense escalates in ‘Marvin K. Mooney Will You Please Go Now! ’ as the reluctant Marvin is driven to bed by whatever means he can muster, be it on stilts, by mail, or even on lion’s tail. ‘Oh, the Thinks you can Think! ’ encourages readers to explore the fantasy world of their own imagination, offering surreal combinations of things to think up. Finally, ‘I Can Read With My Eyes Shut! ’, featuring the famous Cat in the Hat, offers even more fun to be had by reading with Dr. Seuss! This fabulous compilation of four of Dr. Seuss’s most wacky tales, packed with colourful zany pictures, rollicking rhyme and off-the-wall humour, is guaranteed to make reading fun! ‘Hop on Pop’ introduces readers to a range of simple rhyming words, all used in short, funny sentences.
          738 руб             2004 год          176 стр.          мягкая обложка

The Island of Dr. Moreau
They wanted to know more about the wondrous possibilities of science shown in his first book, The Time Machine, not its potential for misuse and terror.
          434 руб             1994 год          160 стр.          мягкая обложка

Остров доктора Моро The island of dr. Moreau. Машина времени. When the sleeper wakes. The time machine. Когда спящий проснется.
В книге представлены научно-фантастические романы выдающегося английского писателя Герберта Уэллса, в которых автор поднимает темы, ставшие популярными в фантастике на многие годы.
          951 руб             2017 год          334 стр.          твердый переплет

Treasure Island (Остров сокровищ) (предисл., комм., словарь Угаровой Е.В.) (на англ.яз.) - 288 с. {Классика в пересказе} ISBN 5-8112-0292-Х 5-8112-0414-0 ~93.11.18 234
          72 руб             `03 год

Dr.Alban 'The Very Best of 1990-1997' [2 CD] { } ~93.11.21 551
          206 руб             1997 год

Moody Blues 'On the treshold of a dr' [CD] { } ~54.00.00 34060
          116 руб   

Treasure Island
          272 руб             2006 год          252 стр.          твердый переплет

Treasure Island (ed. by Salling A., Hvid E.) (based on a vocabulary of 1800 words) (на англ.яз.)
          126 руб             1996 год          110 стр.          Мягкая обложка

Treasure Island (на англ.яз.)
Will they escape from the isla\ nd, a\ nd sail back to E\ ngla\ nd with a ship full of gold? Sudde\ nly, there was a high voice screami\ ng i\ n the dark\ ness: Pieces of eight! Pieces of eight! Pieces of eight! It was Lo\ ng Joh\ n Silver' s parrot, Captai\ n Fli\ nt! I tur\ ned to ru\ n . . . ' But you\ ng Jim Hawki\ ns does \ not escape from the pirates this time. Will he a\ nd his frie\ nds fi\ nd the treasure before the pirates do?
          226 руб             2000 год          88 стр.          Мягкая обложка

Treasure Island
When Jim Hawkins finds a pirate' s treasure map in an old sailor' s sea trunk the local doctor and squire take him with them to find the island and the treasure.
          1037 руб             2004 год          304 стр.          твердый переплет

Treasure Island (+ Audio CD)
          232 руб             2003 год

Dr No. Level 5 Intermediate with extra exercises (+ Audio CD)
But he is not the only person to land there.
          840 руб             2005 год          120 стр.          мягкая обложка

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
          221 руб             2000 год

Island of The Blue Dolphins
          2 руб             1999 год

Tinkers Island
          2 руб             1998 год

The Coral Island
But then a party of cannibals arrives, and after that a pirate ship . . . The famous tale of adventure, courage and loyalty in the South Seas.
          958 руб             304 стр.          мягкая обложка

Notes From A Small Island
This was partly to let his wife and kids experience life in Bryson' s homeland - and partly because he had read that 3. 7 million Americans believed that they had been abducted by aliens at one time or another. It was thus clear to him that his people needed him. But before leaving his much-loved home in North Yorkshire, Bryson insisted on taking one last trip around Britain, a sort of valedictory tour of the green and kindly island that had so long been his home. His aim was to take stock of modern-day Britain, and to analyze what he loved so much about a country that had produced Marmite, zebra crossings, and place names like Farleigh Wallop, Titsey, and Shellow Bowells. With wit and irreverence, Bill Bryson presents the ludicrous and the endearing in equal measure. The result is a social commentary that conveys the true glory of Britain. After nearly two decades in Britain, Bill Bryson, the acclaimed author of such bestsellers as "The Mother Tongue" and "Made in America", decided it was time to move back to the United States for a while.
          676 руб             1996 год          259 стр.          мягкая обложка

The Mysterious Island. Книга для чтения (+ Audio CD) Reader (Illustrated).
          218 руб             2008 год

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Oxford Bookworms Library 4:
The Oxford Bookworms Library provides superb reading and student / teacher support for the classroom, and is also highly recommended for schools running Extensive Reading Programmes, offering the right range of books that encourage students to read for pleasure.
          464 руб             2007 год          96 стр.          мягкая обложка

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Penguin Readers 5:
So why does the good doctor give Mr Hyde the key to his house and decide to leave everything to Mr Hyde in his will?
          553 руб             2008 год          80 стр.          мягкая обложка

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
          111 руб             2007 год          88 стр.          мягкая обложка

Plum Island
Corey thinks otherwise.
          578 руб             1998 год          574 стр.          мягкая обложка

Treasure Island (+ Audio CD)
          652 руб             2006 год          64 стр.          твердый переплет

The Possibility of an Island
Despite this, Daniel is unable to stop himself believing in the possibility of love.
          993 руб             2006 год          432 стр.          мягкая обложка


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