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Исторические науки Исторические науки
Исторические науки Исторические науки


Horse-Shoeing As It Is and As It Should Be

Автор:   Douglas W.
мягкая обложка
2011 год
Издательство:   Книга по Требованию
601 руб

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Описание:Книга представляет собой репринтное издание. Несмотря на то, что была проведена серьезная работа по восстановлению первоначального качества издания, на некоторых страницах могут обнаружиться небольшие "огрехи": помарки, кляксы и т.п.

Orthomol Immun Junior Сила иммунитета на страже Вашего ребенка Orthomol Immun Junior Сила иммунитета на страже Вашего ребенка

2990 руб
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The Knights Templar

As the brethren were frequently called out of the Temple on knightly business, they were each allowed one horse (although this was later increased to three), and a handful of servants. When away from the Temple, recitation of paternosters replaced hearing the offices. Knights and servants alike were under Hugues’ command, with the whole order being answerable to the Patriarch of Jerusalem. After some debate, the Council, under Bernard’s supervision, drew up what became known as the Latin Rule of the Templars, which was based on the rule described by Hugues in his speech. It consisted of 73 clauses and regulated every aspect of Templar life. In addition to keeping the observances that the Order was already following, the Latin Rule advised the brethren how to admit newcomers to the Order, and how they should be vetted before being sworn in; at what age newcomers could join (boys being advised to wait until they were old enough to bear arms); how long brothers could serve for (which was usually a fixed term before allowing them to return to secular life if they so wished); how to reprimand miscreants and what offences would lead a brother to be expelled from the Order (such as deserting the battlefield, leaving a castle without permission or via an unauthorised exit), and so on ...»

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Супер концентрированный гель для стирки цветного белья Lion Essence, 1000 мл.
Суперконцентрированный гель для стирки цветного белья обладает активной, специально разработанной формулой защиты цвета, благодаря
315 руб
Раздел: Гели, концентраты
Кубики "Сложи узор".
Игра состоит из 16 пластиковых кубиков, грани которых окрашены в четыре цвета (красный, желтый, синий, белый) определенным
466 руб
Раздел: Кубики (10 и более штук)
Качели подвесные "Гном".
Очень прочные универсальные качели, которые можно использовать как в домашних условиях, так и на природе. Основа выполнена из натурального
1400 руб
Раздел: Качели, кресла-качалки, шезлонги

Complete Retirement Guidebook: The Wall Street Journal. How to Plan It, Live It and Enjoy It
For all of its changes and challenges, a well-planned retirement could very well be the best part of your life.
          290 руб             2008 год          304 стр.          мягкая обложка

Mexico As It Was and As It Is
Несмотря на то, что была проведена серьезная работа по восстановлению первоначального качества издания, на некоторых страницах могут обнаружиться небольшие "огрехи": помарки, кляксы и т. п. Книга представляет собой репринтное издание.
          1148 руб             2011 год          мягкая обложка

A Forty Years' Fight with the Drink Demon, Or a History of the Temperance Reform As I Have Seen It, and of My Labor in Connection Therewith
          1147 руб             2010 год          мягкая обложка

Conflicts in Kosovo and Abkhazia,Georgia. SHOULD KOSOVO SERVE AS A PRECEDENT FOR ABKHAZIA?
Furthermore, Kosovo,that has been declared to be unique and nevertheless precedent to any similar case in the world, gave a great hope to other breakaway regions in the international system.
          2005 руб             2010 год          68 стр.          мягкая обложка

Грампластинка. Ike Quebec - It Might As Well Be Spring
          895 руб   

Chemistry AS level and A level
CIE Chemistry: AS Level and A Level meets the requirements of the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) syllabuses for AS Level and A Level Chemistry, and is endorsed by CIE.
          2283 руб             2004 год          448 стр.          мягкая обложка

Famous Cathedrals As Seen and Described by Great Writers
See other titles by this author available from Kessinger Publishing. 1909. With Numerous Illustrations.
          2 руб             414 стр.          мягкая обложка

How do culture-based values affect the efficiency of IHRM practices?. An approach to the limited transferability of IHRM practices such as training and development within an intercultural perspective.
It further provides a detailed report on individual, work, and managerial values and illustrates the impact of national culture on these.
          3188 руб             2009 год          212 стр.          мягкая обложка

Taking a Museum's Record Album Collection and Making It Accessible to the Public Vernon's Vault of Vintage Vinyl.
          2005 руб             2008 год          120 стр.          мягкая обложка

Competing Ideologies and Children's Literature in Russia, 1918-1935. How powerful actors attempted to establish cultural uniformity, how the process was contested, and how it failed
Adults entered into a symbolic discussion about the meaning of their past, present, and future by authoring and contesting children' s literature. Political figures, pedagogues, bureaucrats, authors, and illustrators entered into a public debate about what form a Soviet children' s literature should assume.
          3231 руб             2009 год          280 стр.          мягкая обложка

Take it or Leave it?. Parental Leave, Decision-Making and Gender Balanced Parenting
Sociologist Rachel Demerling investigates how male university professors negotiate parental leave with their spouses and what factors influence their decision in a culture that continuously questions the emergence of the “new father. ” By conducting interviews, Demerling first investigates factors that traditionally deter many men from taking parental leave.
          2413 руб             2009 год          132 стр.          мягкая обложка

Stressors for Law Enforcement Officers. Perception of Self, Occupational Role, and Occupational Events as Predictors and Mediators of Stress
          2005 руб             2008 год          100 стр.          мягкая обложка

A Costless Choir of 'volunteers' and How It Was Made and Kept
          596 руб             2011 год          мягкая обложка

The national insurance act, how it works and what it secures
          592 руб             2011 год          мягкая обложка

A grammar of the German language, designed for a thoro and practical study of the language as spoken and written to-day
Несмотря на то, что была проведена серьезная работа по восстановлению первоначального качества издания, на некоторых страницах могут обнаружиться небольшие "огрехи": помарки, кляксы и т. п. Книга представляет собой репринтное издание.
          1155 руб             2011 год          мягкая обложка

Outlines Of Economic Entomology. Designed As A Textbook For School And Colleges, And As A Reference-book For Farmers And Gardeners
          598 руб             2011 год          мягкая обложка

Seven English cities and as many watering-places
          1145 руб             2011 год          мягкая обложка

The Irish Rebellion Of 1641, With A History Of The Events Which Led Up To And Succeeded It
          1147 руб             2011 год          мягкая обложка

International Law Chiefly As Interpreted and Applied by the United States, Volume 1
          1754 руб             2011 год          мягкая обложка

A perfect booke, of all the landes as well arable as pasture, meadowes, wastes and waste groundes
          599 руб             2011 год          мягкая обложка

The Shire highlands (East Central Africa) as colony and mission
          1142 руб             2011 год          мягкая обложка

Emerging Towns and Rural Livelihoods. Emerging towns as market and employment centres
Rural development requires strong interaction between rural and urban areas.
          1920 руб             2010 год          76 стр.          мягкая обложка

Garden rockery, how to make, plant and manage it
          601 руб             2010 год          мягкая обложка

Modern blacksmithing, rational horse shoeing and wagon making, with rules, tables, recipes, etc.
Несмотря на то, что была проведена серьезная работа по восстановлению первоначального качества издания, на некоторых страницах могут обнаружиться небольшие "огрехи": помарки, кляксы и т. п. Книга представляет собой репринтное издание.
          1139 руб             2010 год          мягкая обложка

Lessons in psychology. Designed especially as an introduction to the subject for private studets, and as a text-book in normal and secondary schools
          1147 руб             2011 год          мягкая обложка

          1891 руб             2011 год          52 стр.          мягкая обложка

Write Poetry and Get it Published
          1676 руб             2010 год          240 стр.          мягкая обложка

Kurt Vonnegut: A Life And So it Goes.
The first response was no (A most respectful demurring by me for the excellent writer Charles J. Shields, who offered to be my biographer).
          572 руб             2012 год          544 стр.          мягкая обложка

English for IT and the Internet
          993 руб             2006 год          128 стр.

Саше ароматическое Glade "Hang it and Refresh" (Весенний жасмин), 8 г
Положите или подвесьте саше рядом с Вашими вещами, и они наполнятся изящными ароматами.
          105 руб   


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