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City of Anaheim v. Angels Baseball LP

Автор:   Frederic P. M.
мягкая обложка
68 страниц
2010 год
Издательство:   Книга по Требованию
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Описание:The lawsuit and a related political and public relations battle sought to reverse the team's official name change from Anaheim Angels to Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, which the city characterized the change as a breach of the team's lease on the city-owned Angel Stadium of Anaheim. High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! City of Anaheim v. Angels Baseball LP is a lawsuit filed in Orange County, California Superior Court by the city of Anaheim, California against the owners of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Major League Baseball franchise, concerning the team's official name. The city was unsuccessful, as both a trial jury and an appellate court ruled in the team's favor.

Orthomol Immun Junior Сила иммунитета на страже Вашего ребенка Orthomol Immun Junior Сила иммунитета на страже Вашего ребенка

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Take Back Your Government!

His attempts at electoral office ended when he was defeated for the Democratic nomination to the California State Assembly by an up and coming Los Angeles Irish politician named Sam Yorty, who went on to win the Assembly seat, and later to become mayor of the City of Angels. Years later, Mr. Heinlein visited me when I was campaign manager for Yorty's successful bid for a third term as mayor. By that time, Heinlein had made many changes in his political philosophy, moving closer to the Libertarian position. Thus the notes: the world changed a lot after this book was written, and so did the philosophical views of the author. I have attempted here to deal with both changes. Since this is a work on practical politics, I have tried to keep political philosophy to a minimum; but since the practical value of this book is as a manual of operations for a political system that doesn't exist, but which can be reclaimed, clearly we can't avoid the question. At the least we have to decide whether the system can be restored, and if so should it be ...»

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Компактные развивающие игры в дорогу "Логозавры", арт. ВВ2099.
Логозавры - это увлекательная игра-головоломка на развитие логического мышления, математических навыков, внимательности,
337 руб
Раздел: Игры в дорогу
Конструктор "Mechanical Kangaroo".
Конструктор для сборки действующей модели «Механический Кенгуру». Каждый мальчишка, увидев хитроумный механизм, пытается его
317 руб
Раздел: Инженерные, научно-технические
Танк с пневмопушкой.
У танка башня поворачивается, пушка поднимается, стреляет снарядами (пульки входят в комплект, 6 штук). Размер: 28x8x10 см. Материал: пластик.
327 руб
Раздел: Танки

Report Of The Trustees Of The Boston City Hospital On The Advisability Of Establishing Cottage Or Branch Hospitals In The Several Wards Of The City
          596 руб             2011 год          мягкая обложка

Жаркая любовь: Роман (пер. с англ. Погосян Е.В.) City Style ISBN 5-9578-1622-1 5-17-029639-8 985-13-4209-2
Постоянно держать себя под контролем. . . Помнить, что идеальный, не мешающий карьере будущий муж - это верный друг еще со школьной скамьи. . . А любовь со страстью, извините, в такой расклад не вписываются.
          41 руб             2005 год          288 стр.          Мягкая обложка

Заманчивые обещания: Роман (пер. с англ. Хлобыстовой Л.С.) City Style ISBN 5-17-027554-4 5-9578-1435-0
          41 руб             2005 год          288 стр.          Мягкая обложка

Свадебный наряд: Роман (пер. с англ. Чебаевской С.Ю., Казаковой О.В.) City Style ISBN 5-17-028565-5 5-9578-1522-5
          41 руб             2005 год          388 стр.          Мягкая обложка

Энциклопедия Rock City: Ч. 4 - 240 с. {Энциклопедия Rock City} ~91.11.30 093
          167 руб             `01 год

Набор машинок: City Team: Строительная техника: Для детей от 3 лет - - с. {Welly Collection} ISBN 9610-6G(D) ~54.00.00 27600
          590 руб             - год

PJ Harvey 'Stories from the City,Stories from the Sea' [CD] { } ~54.00.00 50792
          196 руб   

Rap City [MP3] { } ~54.00.00 48080
          146 руб   

Карта складная: Moscow Today. City Map
          114 руб             2013 год

Sex and the City
          937 руб             2006 год          289 стр.          мягкая обложка

The Tin Woodman of Oz. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. The Emerald City of Oz. The Marvelous Land of Oz. The Scarecrow of Oz
          226 руб             2007 год          1070 стр.          Мягкая обложка

LEGO City. Береговой патруль. Книжка с наклейками
Какие бывают корабли?
          67 руб             2010 год          16 стр.          мягкая обложка

Moscow City Guide
          2 руб             2006 год          258 стр.

Small City Homes
In the midst of hectic city life, these works, designed with the same care and attention with which an object would be designed, are a valiant attempt to improve the urban way of life.
          2897 руб             2006 год          192 стр.          твердый переплет

Sex and the City
          600 руб             2006 год          251 стр.

Remodelling City Apartments
Change in use of a space, change in spatial layout or spatial interrelations, change in connection to the greater exterior environment, or just a change in the mood or ambiance of existing spaces.
          2610 руб             2007 год          191 стр.          твердый переплет

Tales Of The City
The saga that ensues is manic, romantic, tawdry, touching, and outrageous - unmistakably the handwork of Armistead Maupin.
          372 руб             2007 год          272 стр.          мягкая обложка

Babe - Pig in the City
          177 руб             2008 год          44 стр.          мягкая обложка

New York City
          767 руб             2008 год          464 стр.          мягкая обложка

The Marvel Comics Guide to New York City
          376 руб             2007 год          256 стр.          мягкая обложка

City Apartments / Городские апартаменты
From small blocks up to large housing developments, including refurbishments and eminently vertical constructions, all the projects are innovative housing proposals, the objective of which is to apportion quality of life.
          2 руб             2005 год          192 стр.          твердый переплет

Interiors Country & City
This book presents the most stunning country and city interiors of the duo Piet Swimberghe and Jan Verlinde.
          2009 руб             2009 год          360 стр.          твердый переплет

Berlin: Portrait of a City
          4495 руб             2007 год          672 стр.          твердый переплет + суперобложка

City of Thieves
Four months into the siege of Leningrad, the city is starving.
          565 руб             2009 год          320 стр.          мягкая обложка

Binge Trading: The Real Inside Story of Cash, Cocaine and Corruption in the City
What drives City traders to excess in their quest for extreme wealth?
          1174 руб             2009 год          224 стр.          мягкая обложка

A History Of The Moravian Church In New York City
          2 руб             1922 год          396 стр.          мягкая обложка

The History Of The City Of Fredericksburg, Virginia
Because this work is culturally important, we have made it available as a part of our commitment to protecting, preserving and promoting the world’s literature.
          2 руб             422 стр.          мягкая обложка

Saint City Sinners
          182 руб             2007 год          371 стр.          мягкая обложка

109 East Palace: Robert Oppenheimer and the Secret City of Los Alamos
The women came despite the Army' s initial objections, as Oppenheimer insisted that would be the only way to recruit the world-class physicists, and keep them reasonably sane and content during the years it would take to create this revolutionary new weapon. Conant shows how the stringent security, lack of privacy, spartan living conditions, and loneliness of the isolated mountain hideaway drove some residents to the brink of despair. Yet, only a handful gave up and left. Through the eyes of a young Santa Fe widow who was one of Oppenheimer' s first recruits, we see how, for all his flaws, he developed into an inspiring leader and motivated all those involved in the Los Alamos project to make a supreme effort and achieve the unthinkable.
          548 руб             2006 год          448 стр.          мягкая обложка

Moscow 1941: A City and Its People at War
The Soviets lost many more people in that one battle than the British and Americans lost in the whole of the war.
          318 руб             2006 год          398 стр.          твердый переплет


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