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City Beneath the Sea

Автор:   Frederic P. M.
мягкая обложка
88 страниц
2010 год
Издательство:   Книга по Требованию
1332 руб
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Описание:High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! "City Beneath the Sea" is a song by Harry Connick Jr, which first appears on the 1996 album Star Turtle, and is included in the 2005 multi-artist benefit album Hurricane Relief: Come Together Now. The song depicts unique scenes from New Orleans, and features a brief but spectacular piano solo. Connick jr wrote the song about New Orleans when he was at his mother-in-law's (Glenna Goodacre) house in Santa Fe, N.M.. He says, in a 1996 interview, the song was written on a deadline to complete the album. "I wish I had spent more time on it, to make it musically into a more substantial piece of work". Addressing it as a "very, very simple piece of music".

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Английский язык с Конан Дойлем. Этюд в багровых тонах (ASCII-IPA)

As he approached, he recognized him as a Mormon named Cowper (когда он подъехал поближе: «приблизился», он узнал его это был мормон по имени Каупер), to whom he had rendered services at different times (которому он неоднократно: «в разное время» оказывал услуги). He therefore accosted him when he got up to him (поэтому он заговорил с ним, когда тот поравнялся с ним; to accost приветствовать; обращаться; заговорить), with the object of finding out what Lucy Ferrier's fate had been (с целью выведать о судьбе Люси Феррьер). traverse [tr@'v@:s], commence [k@'mens], exhaust [Ig'zO:st] For five days he toiled footsore and weary through the defiles which he had already traversed on horseback. At night he flung himself down among the rocks, and snatched a few hours of sleep; but before daybreak he was always well on his way. On the sixth day, he reached the Eagle CaЎon, from which they had commenced their ill-fated flight. Thence he could look down upon the home of the saints. Worn and exhausted, he leaned upon his rifle and shook his gaunt hand fiercely at the silent widespread city beneath him ...»

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Шарики пластиковые, цветные, 100 штук.
Пластиковые шарики - веселая игра для малышей, ими можно играть где угодно - дома, на улице, в детском саду, наполнять детский манеж,
638 руб
Раздел: Шары для бассейна
Фоторамка "Poster blue" (30х40 см).
Рамка может располагаться как вертикально, так и горизонтально. Для фотографий размером: 30х40см. Материал: пластик.
331 руб
Раздел: Размер 30x40
Магнитные истории "Что мне надеть".
Игра научит ребенка: ориентироваться по ситуации, внимательности, развития мелкой моторики, фантазии, аккуратности, усидчивости. В
499 руб
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LEGO City. Приключения в городе. Книжка с наклейками
Какие бывают корабли?
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Sea-Wolf and Selected Stories
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The Sea Wolf
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20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Teacher's Book. Книга для учителя
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Календарь на 2009 год. Sea shells / Морские ракушки
Они приносят с собой жизненный импульс, который воздействует совсем по-другому, чем это делают минералы, находящиеся в камнях.
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На английском языке Sex and the City.
An Armistead Maupin for the real world, she has the gift of assembling a huge and irresistible cast of freaks and wonders, while remaining faithful to her hard core of friends and fans: those glamorous, rebellious, crazy single women, too close to forty, who are trying hard not to turn from the Audrey Hepburn of BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY`S into the Glen Close of FATAL ATTRACTION, and are - still - looking for love.
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