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Arming with Opportunities. Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration (DDR) and a Community-based Approach

Автор:   Rens W.
мягкая обложка
128 страниц
2010 год
Издательство:   Книга по Требованию
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Описание:Informed by this lack of comprehensive knowledge, this book starts with a literature research on DDR, attempting not only to give a comprehensive overview of best practices, but also to back these up with theoretical frameworks. In recent years there also has been a growing demand to approach DDR with a more community- based perspective. But practical recommendations on how to undertake such a community-based approach to DDR, or even attempts to define or problematize community-based DDR are lacking. This case is particularly interesting for a community-based approach, as a distinction between civilians and combatants is hard to make. That is the aim of Disarmament, Demobilization, and Reintegration (DDR) programmes, and it is considered to be vital for the success of peace building missions. The final section records the results of field research in Jonglei State, South Sudan. Taking away a weapon is not enough; the incentive to take up arms has to be taken away. Derived from the experiences and lessons learned of past DDR initiatives, an attempt is made to make a start with concretization of what community-based DDR could encompass.

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Kluge: The Haphazard Construction of the Human Mind

BELIEF 40 Gullibility: Forer, 1949. 42 Snowball study: Dion, 1972. Beauty studies: Etcoff, 1999. Candidates that look more competent: Todorov et al., 2005. 43 Would you like carrots with that? (food in McDonald's wrap): Robinson et al., 2007. 44 Impressions of Donald: Higgins et al, 1977. The focusing illusion and dating: Strack, Martin, & Schwarz, 1988. 46 Dishes and perceived contribution: Leary 8c Forsyth, 1987; Ross 8c Sicoly, 1979. Wheel of fortune: Tversky 8c Kahneman, 1974. Attila the Hun: Russo 8c Schoemaker, 1989. 47 Limit 12 per customer: Wansink et al., 1998. 48 Lips: Strack, Martin, 8c Stepper, 1988. Arm flexion: FЧ¤rster 8c Strack, 1998. Chinese characters: Zajonc, 1968. Name letter effect: Nuttin, 1987. Mere exposure and paintings: lames Cutting, personal communication, based on informal classroom research. 50 Thinking about death: Solomon et al., 2004. Minority groups during crisis: Jost 8c Hunyadi, 2003. 53 The difficulty in repressing automatic thoughts: Wegner, 1994; Macrae et al., 1994. Sequences: Wason, i960. 54 Another study: Darley 8c Gross, 1983. 55 Trivia game: Dijksterhuis 8c van Knippenberg, 1998. 56 Love the one you'll be with: Berscheid et al., 1976 ...»

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The Path to Reconciliation in Northern Ireland. Educational Challenges and Opportunities
It provides a trajectory for understanding the origins and subsequent development for several of the significant “Gordian Knots” that have prevented Catholics and Protestants there from realizing this preferred future in both a historical and contemporary perspective.
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Petroleum and Indigenous People in the Arctic. Challenges and Opportunities for Coexistence
The book proposes several opportunities that oil and gas companies may take in order to protect these distinct ways of life and reduce adverse impacts from operational discharges, tankers and pipelines.
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An investigation into Practices, Issues and Improvement Opportunities Success on Logistical Outsourcing.
Outsourcing has introduced a new concept to re-engineering the company’s business system by transferring the company’s non-core business to the experts.
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Urban Conservation in North Africa and the Gulf. Problems, Challenges and Opportunities
Due to neglect and deterioration, today,these areas have become a refuge to low income people.
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Challenges and Opportunities in South-western Highlands of Ethiopia Implications for Rural Livelihoods and the Environment: Production and Commercialization of Non-Timber Forest Products.
Despite the rich potential of the Jimma zone, the community is not well-integrated to NTFPs.
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Arming Sword
The arming sword (also sometimes called a knight' s or knightly sword) is the single handed cruciform sword of the High Middle Ages, in common use between ca. 1000 and 1350, possibly remaining in rare use into the 16th century. Arming swords correspond to Oakeshott types XI, XII and XIII and are generally considered to be descendant from the migration period or Viking swords. A combination of the Oakeshott and Peterson Typologies shows a chronological progression from the Viking sword to the "transitional sword", which incorporated elements of both Viking and arming swords. The "transitional sword" continued to evolve into to the presently defined arming sword. High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles!
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The Maker of Opportunities
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The central theme of the book is that socio-economic processes in these areas are the product of inter-relationships of history, culture and environment.
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