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Male Breast Cancer. Identifying and targeting critical disease signaling pathways towards development of personalized phytotherapy

Автор:   Debmalya B.
мягкая обложка
92 страниц
2010 год
Издательство:   Книга по Требованию
1891 руб
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Описание:This book represents identification and targeting critical disease signaling pathways in male breast cancer (MBC) towards development of phytochemical-based personalized medicine. From sections 4 to 10, rationale of the work and identification of MBC disease signaling pathways, drug targets, targeting phyto-chemicals, and personalized treatment strategies have been described and the results have been concluded in section 11. Section 12 has listed all relevant references used in this work. This is the first of its kind of work towards development of personalized phytochemical-based treatment strategy for MBC. It is a part of D. Barh' s PhD work and authors hope that, the strategy will be useful in developing personalized chemo-prevention and phyto-therapy in MBC and will minimize the side effects that are prevalent while using breast cancer specific chemotherapy. The book contains 12 sections where first 3 sections deal with details such as MBC-epidemiology, risk factors, screening and diagnosis, treatment options etc.

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The Tipping Point

EIGHT Conclusion FOCUS, TEST, AND BELIEVE Not long ago a nurse by the name of Georgia Sadler began a campaign to increase knowledge and awareness of diabetes and breast cancer in the black community of San Diego. She wanted to create a grassroots movement toward prevention, and so she began setting up seminars in black churches around the city. The results, however, were disappointing. "There'd be maybe two hundred people in church, but we'd get only twenty or so to stay, and the people who were staying were people who already knew a lot about those diseases and just wanted to know more. It was very discouraging." Sadler couldn't get her message to tip outside of that small group. She realized she needed a new context. "I guess people were tired and hungry after the service," she says. "We all have a busy life. People wanted to get home." She needed a place where women were relaxed, receptive to new ideas, and had the time and opportunity to hear something new. She also needed a new messenger, someone who was a little bit Connector, a little bit Salesmen, and a little bit Maven ...»

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Breast Cancer Care Short Story Collection The Book Lovers' Appreciation Society:
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Enhanced Benefit Finding in Women with Early Stage Breast Cancer. The Mediational Role of Skill Building and Social Functioning
This study explored multiple aspects of the relationships between intrapersonal and interpersonal coping skills reported after participating in a group-based cognitive-behavioral stress management intervention or a one-day seminar, levels of social functioning reported at 3- and 9-month follow-ups. and reports of benefit finding measured at 3- and 9-month follow-ups.
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Breast Cancer Nutrition. Special Requirements during Chemotherapy
Baseline and three-weekly visits involved determining serum albumin concentrations, several anthropometrical assessments, and the completion of a quality of life questionnaire for a period of 3 months.
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A discourse analysis Young Women Diagnosed with Advanced Breast Cancer. Rare and Tragic:
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Sequential therapy in metastatic breast cancer patients. Survival analysis with time dependent covariates
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Examining Breast Cancer Knowledge Levels and Breast Self-examination Practices among Young Adults Under the Age of 35 Breast Cancer Awareness and Breast Self-Examination in Northern Cyprus.
These findings raise serious questions regarding the existing health policy and public health initiatives in the TRNC.
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The Lived Experiences of Dominican Women with Stage IV Breast Cancer. An Analysis on Dominican Women with Stage IV Breast Cancer
Analyzing the results of this research, one can infer that adaptation for the Dominican woman does not mean an acceptance of her illness; on the contrary, adaptation in this case is an impetus to build a new environment, create everlasting memories for their children, and leave a legacy of love.
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Ring of Silence: African American Women' s Breasts, Beliefs, and Cancer Screening Behaviors A Paradox of Womanhood.
The literature is limited in studies that address the influence of past events on health promotion behaviors among women of diverse racial and cultural groups.
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Male Circumcision in Africa. Ethnographic evidence from the Bukusu, Kenya
Circumcision has been practiced in Africa to initiate adolescent boys into adulthood from time immemorial.
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Early Detection of Colorectal Cancer. A multi-faceted approach
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Male Dominance and Sexual Selection in the Crayfish. A study using Orconectes quinebaugensis
In many taxa, social structures are mediated by agonistic interactions and the formation of dominance hierarchies.
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African-American Male Senior Administrators at PWI's. A Studey on Resilience
Findings of the study, while similar to some of the literature on African-American males,contributed to the research.
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Cancer Genetics, Transcription factors, Gene regulation mechanisms, Bioinformatics CANCER-RELATED GENE REGULATION MECHANISMS.
Recently it has been shown that small RNA molecules called "MicroRNAs" with an approximate size of 20bp that have function in analogy to transcription factors.
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Quality of LIFE / Quality of SEX. Psycho-sexual adjustment following gynaecological cancer
This book is a reproduction of Dr Juraskova’s PhD, published due to high interest.
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Anti-apoptotic and Pro-inflammatory Signaling in Cancer Cells. Status and Modulation by Chemotherapeutic Drugs
It was shown that this reduction was due to drastic downregulation of TNF-receptor 1 by HDIs.
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DNA Block Copolymers - Synthesis, Morphologies, and Applications. A Combinatorial Tool for Cancer Nanotechnology
By combining these two materials, DNA block copolymers are generated, which have properties that cannot be realized using polymers or nucleic acids alone.
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Judicial Discretion. A Comprehensive Examination of Male and Female Criminal Sentences
Through this analysis, a more concise understanding of the impact of gender is provided.
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Closeness in Crisis. A Proposal for Identifying Resilience in Couples Who Face the Crisis of Cancer in Their Child
The proposed framework not only provides a template for future research, but presents a novel way for counsellors, social workers and other professionals to help couples who face the crisis of a cancer diagnosis in their child.
          2005 руб             2008 год          60 стр.          мягкая обложка

This Study Describes Family Demands or Stressors and Social Support Identified by Family Members Living with School-aged Children with Cancer Family Functioning in Childhood Cancer among Zimbabwean Families.
This book describes a study carried out at a central teaching hospital in Harare, Zimbabwe on the experiences of families living with childhood cancers.
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A Deformable Finite Element Model for Breast Image Registration. An Application on MRI/PET Breast Images
More complete information about the volumes of interest can be provided by registration and fusion of multiple image volumes created by different modalities.
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FE/MALE. Asymmetries of Gender and Sexuality
These depictions are analysed in connection with the construction of the fe/male body, concluding an over- all symbolic logic of "the male accommodates the female, but the female does not accommodate the male".
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Hunters of Girls. The Roles of Male Sexual Predators in the Novels of Austen, Charlotte and Anne Bronte, and Gaskell
However, the sexually predatory male character is more than just a handsome place-filler: he represents a reflection of what the heroine secretly aspires to – in the terms of Karen Horney, her idealized image.
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South Asian Immigrant Women’s Perceptions of Respect within Health Professional–Client Relationships While Journeying through Cancer South Asian immigrant women’s experiences respect in cancer settings.
The need to be respected for ‘my social identity’ as an immigrant woman with cancer was woven throughout women’s stories, illustrated by their personal experiences and perspectives.
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The Metastasis Suppressor: Ndrg-1. Examining the Molecular Function and Iron Regulation of Ndrg-1 in Cancer
Furthermore, the ability of novel anti-cancer agents, the iron chelators, to up- regulate Ndrg-1 was also explored.
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Aphrodite's Bosom. Exploring Breast Augmentation Online in New Zealand
Breast augmentation is made possible by the intersections of dominant understandings and practices of gender, medicine and consumerism.
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Stressed Sexuality. How Props, Stage Directions and Setting Convey Tormented Male Protagonists in Selected Plays of Tennessee Williams
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Suddenly Last Summer, Sweet Bird of Youth, and The Night of the Iguana.
          2005 руб             2010 год          60 стр.          мягкая обложка

Power and Media Discourses. Construction of Lebanese Muslim Male Identities and the Implications for Education
It involves tracing the social formations of identity and systems of knowledge and beliefs in discourses.
          2005 руб             2010 год          116 стр.          мягкая обложка

Male Primary Teachers. The Experience of Crossing-over into Pink-collar Work
It also calls for new and more sophisticated societal debates and discourses about male primary teachers that will adequately accommodate the complexity, joys and sometimes precarious nature of their experience.
          3231 руб             2008 год          272 стр.          мягкая обложка

Novel Therapeutic Agents for the Treatment of Prostate Cancer. Design and Development of Novel Anti-androgens, Thapsigargin Analogs and Inhibitors of Prostate Specific Antigen
Specifically, we have discovered and designed a diverse array of novel molecules targeting the AR signaling pathway, the sarco-endoplasmic reticulum calcium ATPase pump driven calcium homeostasis and the proteolytic activity of prostate specific antigen .
          2781 руб             2008 год          196 стр.          мягкая обложка

ROS and Antioxidant Systems in Apoptosis. Oxidant Balance in Cell Death and Cancer Therapy
In healthy individuals, antioxidant systems serve to maintain intracellular ROS levels below a certain threshold, permitting the functionality of essential ROS-mediated signaling processes but preventing ROS overproduction and potential tissue damage.
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