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The Dog Who Saved Santa

Автор:   True K.
твердый переплет
32 страниц
2008 год
Издательство:   Daedalus Books
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Описание:The hilarious Christmas story of a dog who rids a young Santa of his slacker ways. It's Christmastime, and young Santa is doing a lot of sitting around. Every now and then he'll eat some fruitcake or watch TV, but the elves and Santa's dog, Rodney, do all the work. When Christmas Eve arrives and Santa falls asleep in the sleigh, Rodney takes charge. Soon, the determined dog has the North Pole buzzing with efficiency, and he even gives Santa lessons about what to eat to lookjolly and how to drive a sleigh. But will Rodney ever get Santa Claus to start doing his job?

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Band of Brothers

All these men were what Webster called "new-army non-coms." Their average age was twenty-one. They did not know the Articles of War backward and forward, they didn't care about "the Book that ruled the lives of so many regular-army men." They mingled with their men, they had not served in Panama or Hawaii or the Philippines. "They were civilian soldiers. They were the ones who saved America." Webster was also impressed by some of the officers. He described Winters as "a sizable, very athletic individual who believed in calisthenics in garrison and aggressiveness in combat." Welsh was now Winters' executive officer; Webster described him as "small, dark, lazy, quick-thinking, the only officer in the 2nd Battalion who could give an interesting and informative current events' lecture." He thought Lieutenant Compton, leader of the 2nd platoon, a friendly and genial man who was everyone's favorite. He had convinced the college-bound group that UCLA was the only place to go for an education. First platoon was led by Lt ...»

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The Dog Who Saved Christmas
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