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Bones to Ashes

Автор:   Reichs K.
мягкая обложка
388 страниц
2008 год
Издательство:   Simon & Schuster
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Описание:Named for the character in the Longfellow poem, Evangeline was the most exotic person in Tempe' s eight-year-old world. When Evangeline disappeared, Tempe was warned not to search for her, that the girl was dangerous. Thirty years later, flooded with memories, Tempe cannot help wondering if this skeleton could be the friend she lost so many years ago. And what is the meaning of the strange skeletal lesions found on the bones of the young girl? Meanwhile, Tempe' s beau, Ryan, investigates a series of cold cases. Three girls dead. Four missing. Could the New Brunswick skeleton be part of the pattern? But for Tempe, the discovery of a young girl' s skeleton in Acadia, Canada, is more than just another assignment. Evangeline, Tempe' s childhood best friend, was also from Acadia. As Tempe draws on the latest advances in forensic anthropology to penetrate the past, Ryan hunts down a serial predator. Temperance Brennan, like her creator Kathy Reichs, is a brilliant, sexy forensic anthropologist called on to solve the toughest cases.

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Teasing Secrets from the Dead: My Investigations at America's Most Infamous Crime Scenes

Bass for almost three years, serving as a key investigator in some of his recent major cases. They were clearly willing to trust my judgment, making me think that I should trust it, too. I started with the team that was going to drain the cistern. The local fire department had figured out how to pump the water out, so I made only one small suggestion: Put a screen over the outflow pipe to catch any small particles or bones that might be sucked out with the water. They improvised, pulling a screen from an outbuilding's window and propping it up on concrete blocks. A few minutes later, we found our first prize: some small human hand bones. Lee was now busy over at a dump site at the property's edge, where she'd found what looked like another piece of bone in a pile of ashes. She'd found a chunk of parietal bone from the side of a skull-and to everyone's bewilderment, there seemed to be a neat round hole right in the middle of it. Detailed analysis of that would have to wait, however, as Lee and I were suddenly being summoned to examine the contents of the wood-burning stove in the living room ...»

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Настольная игра "Коварный Лис".
В городе был замечен Коварный Лис, который сумел увести пирог прямо у вас из-под носа! Все лисы теперь попали под подозрение, но кто же из
1196 руб
Раздел: Классические игры
Чехол на лобовое стекло всепогодный (арт. TD 0334).
Каждое зимнее утро встречаете со скребком и щеткой, тихо ненавидя вечную ледяную корку и «сугробы» на лобовом стекле?
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Раздел: Прочее
Пазл "Новогодний праздник", 600 элементов.
Пазл может понравиться детям и взрослым, его можно собирать и всей семьей. При сборке пазла открывается замечательная картина. В комплект
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Catalogue of the bones of Mammalia in the collection of the British museum
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Тетрадь общая "Bones&Stars", 48 листов, линейка
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The Lovely Bones
Susie Salmon was fourteen years old when she was murdered by a man from her neighbourhood.
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City of Ashes
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Audio CD. Dawn of Ashes - The Crypt Iniection
В сентябре 2008 года группа опубликовала заявление о смене стиля с Dark Electro на Industrial Metal, Blackened Death Metal.
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Аккуратно перенесите его в бокал и почувствуйте, как температура напитка стремится к идеально прохладной.
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