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Colors: A Silly Slider Book

Автор:   Shannon C.
10 страниц
2011 год
Издательство:   Simon & Schuster
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Описание:Colors is sure to brighten any preschooler's day. On every page, an interactive slider moves up and down, transforming the picture and revealing the name of the featured color. It's definitely a colorful way to learn.

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Posed For Pleasure

Where is his word processor, his typewriter? They are nowhere to be found here. So that there, there! is her opening, her possibility of contribution to him, to his greatness and thereby her own. He doesn’t wish to paint? So be it! She will become his amanuensis, his editor and confidante in that creative process, one which must surely be more onerous and less familiar to him than brush and canvas. Because if the written word is to be the means, ink and paper the medium, he must depend upon others. For his proper mtier, she reasons, he needs nobody other than himself; but a book is a horse of a different color. Yes, a book is an artifact with whose mechanics he is unfamiliar. His art books are not really his; his only contribution to them was to give permission for the reproduction of his works-during that brief period between creation and sale that they were, physically and legally, his-and to sign copies on request. So that he knows nothing of the authoring trade. Not that he has some publisher looking over his shoulder with suggestions and deadlines ...»

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873 руб
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Настольная игра "Соображарий. Два".
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2715 руб
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Coat of Many Colors
The title song, which Parton has described as her favourite of all the songs she' s ever written, deals with the poverty of her childhood. It reached #4 on the U. S. country singles charts. Over the years, Parton would re-record a number of the songs from the album. She redid "Traveling Man" (not to be confused with the Ricky Nelson song of the same name), a song that involved an unusual love triangle between a travelling salesman, a woman, and her mother, for inclusion on her 1973 album Bubbling Over. She would also re-record her composition "My Blue Tears", an "old-timey" folk-influenced song, with Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt in the mid-1970s, for an ill-fated Trio album project. (The recording would eventually surface on Ronstadt' s 1982 album Get Closer).
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Climates of the United States in colors. Popular edition of Denison's charts, with additions
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However, different fields may use the terminology with different degrees of specificity.
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The kid has gone to the colors, and other verse
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Sound of Colors
It first broadcast on June 10, 2006 in Taiwan, followed by subsequent broadcasts in other Asian countries.
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Конструктор "Free Style Colors" (400 деталей)
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Audio CD. American English Primary Colors 1 Songs CD
Right from the start, children are fully involved in thinking for themselves, doing things themselves, and making things themselves.
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Audio CD. American English Primary Colors 4 Class CD
This exciting four-level course is packed with fun activities.
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Аудиокассета. True Colors 2 (количество кассет: 3)
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Audio CD. True Colors Basic
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Тетрадь общая "Two Colors", А5, 120 листов, клетка
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Тетрадь общая "Two Colors", B5, 120 листов, клетка
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How Do Dinosaurs Learn Their Colors?
A red fire truck stuck under the bed, A purple towel left on the floor, A green sign taped to the closet door, The third board book by the bestselling, award-winning duo Jane Yolen and Mark Teague focuses on one of the most fun concepts learned in childhood: colors. Packed with vibrant illustrations of dinosaurs drawing, painting, and playing, this book will captivate and inspire children as they learn their colors.
          534 руб             2006 год          12 стр.          картон

Тетрадь общая "Two colors", 120 листов, клетка
          462 руб   


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