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First 1000 Words in German. Sticker Book

Автор:   Amery H.
мягкая обложка
70 страниц
2002 год
Издательство:   Usborne
483 руб
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Описание:Individual pictures of characters and objects from each scene appear around the edge of each page, and are labelled in German. Young children should be fascinated by the engaging detail in this bright and lively word book, which features everyday scenes of miniature characters and objects, as well as six pages of stickers. Each scene is designed to help readers learn, revise and enrich their vocabulary quickly and enjoyably, helped by the bright stickers of all the named objects featured.

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Language Input and Early Verbal Lexicons. The First Fifty Words. A Comparison of the First Fifty Words of Typically Developing Children to the First Fifty Words of Children Exposed to Manual Communication
The first words of the current sample were then compared to Nelson? s (1973) landmark study on the basis of six grammatical categories.
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My First English Words: Farm - Bauernhof
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First Arabic Words
There is a bird' s eye view of getting ready for school in the morning, the journey to school, inside the classroom, a birthday party, and even a trip to the seaside. As a first picture word book, this is perfect for children and their language teacher, or native speaker, to share together picking out the familiar items, playing the matching game, recognizing numbers, shapes and time words. It is ideal for supporting the language skills children are learning in school, language clubs, and for those learning English as a 2nd language. Over 400 Arabic words and their English translations are given next to their illustrations, on every page. There is also an expertly-levelled supplementary section at the back - a picture/word matching game, counting the ladybirds up to twenty, shapes, opposites, weather, time, and a comprehensive index. The David Melling (The Kiss that Missed, Fidget and Quilly) illustrations make this an adorable first bilingual word book. Whether your child is learning English or Arabic, Oxford First Arabic Words gives your child a head start in learning another language by taking a picture-book journey through a day, with familiar settings, everyday things, and cute little dinosaurs.
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First Phonics Words
Follows the UK government' s reading strategy which uses synthetic phonics. For children who are just beginning to learn to read, this book introduces simple words with easy letter sounds and amusing illustrations.
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Collins Very First Irish Words
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Collins First English Words - Activity Book 1: Age 3-7
It is the ideal starting point for developing a love of learning English, reading and writing for young children. Also available: First English Words, First English Words Activity Book 2, First English Words Teacher' s Book, First English Words Activity Pack. Activity Book 1 contains simple but engaging activities that will encourage children to look and read, and to pick up a pencil and write. Through fun and engaging activities, young learners can practise the English words they need to learn with the help of Ben, Daisy and Keekee the monkey. * Covers the first English words children need to learn * Words grouped into themes * Fun, varied and engaging activities, written specifically to help young children develop their skills of analysis and improve their linguistic awareness * Beautiful illustrations * Plenty of space for children to practise their writing and drawing skills * Notes for parents and teachers Collins First English Words Activity Book 1 can be used independently or alongside the beautifully-illustrated dictionary, Collins First English Words. Encourage a love for learning English and capture the imagination of children. An activity book to accompany Collins First English Words, winner of the Best Entry for Young Learners prize at HRH The Duke of Edinburgh English Language Book Awards 2012.
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Bear's First English Words
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First Hundred Words in English
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100 First Spanish Words Sticker Book
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Farmyard Tales First Spanish Words Sticker Book. Spanish, English
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First Thousand Words in Portuguese
Incorparates the official new Potuguese spelling standards, to be applied from 2014.
          652 руб             2013 год          64 стр.          мягкая обложка

Listen and Learn First English Words
Simply take one of the 4 cards (each features 16 words on each side) out of the envelope and slot it in as instructed. Press ' go' and then press each of the pictures to hear how the word is pronounced. Press ' go' and then press each of the pictures to hear how the word is pronounced.
          1032 руб             2015 год          20 стр.          мягкая обложка

Lift the Flap. First 100 Words
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First 100 Words
There are 100 color photographs to look at and talk about, and 100 simple first words to read and learn, too.
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First 100 Words
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First Thousand Words in Polish
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First Hundred Words in Japanese
Each picture has its name written in simple Japanese "kana" signs with a pronunciation guide and English translation.
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First Picture Word Book
This is an attractive early picture dictionary, containing over 180 key words all set within the familiar Letterland context.
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Listen and Learn First Chinese Word
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Celebration of the two hundred and twenty-fifth anniversary of the First Presbyterian Church, Woodbridge, N.J., May 27, 30 and 31, 1900
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Centennial anniversary of the First Congregational Church of Jericho, Vermont, at Jericho Centre, June 17, 1891
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The bi-centennial celebration of the First Congregational church and society of Bridgeport, Conn., June 12th and 13th, 1895
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