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Proper Pub Food

Автор:   Kerridge T.
твердый переплет
256 страниц
2013 год
Издательство:   Absolute Press
2049 руб
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Описание:His simple classics are done to perfection, from British family favourites with a touch of genius, to delicious dishes from further afield with a top chef twist. These recipes are Michelin standard not because they' re overly complicated, but because they are simply the best version you' ll ever have of the dishes everyone loves the most. The Hand and Flowers. In this cookbook Tom is on a mission to prove that everyone can make sensational gastro pub comfort food, and the only place he wants to see a foam is on the head of a pint of beer. 100 recipes reveal his secrets for making real food truly amazing, from perfected dishes that cheered his childhood to special treats served at his one-of-a-kind pub: This fantastic feel-good cookbook is the official accompaniment to the Tom Kerridge' s Comfort Food TV show, featuring all the recipes from the six episodes and many, many more. Each show contains a mixture of unforgettable food moments, including breakfasts that keep you smiling for the whole day, indulgent long lunches, teatime temptations, seasonal snacks and heart-warming suppers; all bound to have everyone buying this charismatic chef' s book and confirming his place as a foodie national treasure. The king of beautiful pub grub has collected all of his best comfort food treats into this indulgent cookbook, ready to warm the world on a grey day and restore the nation' s good mood. Tom Kerridge' s idea of food heaven isn' t molecular gastronomy; it' s proper ' man food' with Michelin star magic.

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Harrelson, «TRIPS, Pharmaceutical Patents, and the HIV/AIDS Crisis: Finding the Proper Balance Between Intellectual Property Rights and Compassion, a Synopsis», Widener Law Symposium Journal (весна 2001 г.): 175. 236 Jonathan Krim, «The Quiet War over Open-Source», Washington Post, август 2003 г., E1, washingtonpost com/wp-dyn/articles/A23422-2003Aug20.html; William New, «Global Group's Shift on `Open Source' Meeting Spurs Stir», Технологический ежедневник National Journal, 19.08.2003, com/pubs/techdai-ly/pmedition/tp030819.htm#1; William New, «U.S. Official Opposes `Open Source' Talks at WIPO», Технологический ежедневник National Journal, 19.08.2003, com/pubs/techdaily/pmedition/tp030819.htm#1. 237 Должен признаться, я был одним из тех, кто просил WIPO организовать эту встречу. 238 Позиция «Майкрософта» в отношении свободных программ и программ на основе открытых исходников более изощренная. Как неоднократно заявляла корпорация, она не испытывает никаких проблем с ПО на основе «открытых исходников» или с софтом, относящимся к общественному достоянию ...»

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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles!
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