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C04 Fundamentals of Business Economics - Study Text

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446 страниц
2011 год
Издательство:   Elsevier
3477 руб

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Описание:The Study Text also stresses the differences between economic costs and accounting costs, which candidates need to appreciate early in their studies. The C4 Study Text assumes candidates have no prior knowledge of economics, and explains all areas of the syllabus fully. Key terms are identified throughout, and understanding key economic terms is vital for passing the C4 exam. Diagrams are very important in economics, and the Study Text provides an extensive range of diagrams which help demonstrate the fundamental importance of the interaction of supply and demand throughout all aspects of the economics syllabus.

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However a person feels about abortion, a question is likely to come to mind: what are we to make of the trade-off of more abortion for less crime? Is it even possible to put a number on such a complicated transaction? As it happens, economists have a curious habit of affixing numbers to complicated transactions. Consider the effort to save the northern spotted owl from extinction. One economic study found that in order to protect roughly five thousand owls, the opportunity costsБЂ”that is, the income surrendered by the logging industry and othersБЂ”would be $46 billion, or just over $9 million per owl. After the Exxon Valdez oil spill in 1989, another study estimated the amount that the typical American household would be willing to pay to avoid another such disaster: $31. An economist can affix a value even to a particular body part. Consider the schedule that the state of Connecticut uses to compensate for work-related injuries. LOST OR DAMAGED BODY PART | COMPENSATED WEEKS OF PAY Finger (first) | 36 Finger (second) ...»

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Multiple Case Studies of Successful Small Business Managers in Sri Lanka Internationalization of Small Business.
The research participants value establishing and continuing mutually beneficial relationships as an essential part of their businesses to avoid conflicts on issues in internationalization of their SBs.
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Strategic Synergistic Cross-Sectoral Alliances. Sustaining Community College-Business-Community Relationships for Educational Programs, Rural Community, Workforce, and Economic Development
Building capacity within each organization and in the overall community can influence the economic development of the community, minimize the vulnerability of individuals to provide for their families, and establish a cooperative set of roles and goals that increase sustainability of alliances.
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A Study in Northeast India Economics of Rubber Plantation.
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A course of study in primary language and handbook to accompany the State series primary language text
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