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Rendezvous at the Russian Tea Rooms: The Spyhunter, the Fashion Designer & the Man From Moscow

Автор:   Willetts P.
2016 год
Издательство:   Constable & Robinson
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Описание:Rendezvous at the Russian Tea Rooms provides the first comprehensive account of what was once hailed by a leading American newspaper as the greatest spy story of World War II. This dramatic yet little-known saga, replete with telephone taps, kidnappings, and police surveillance, centres on the furtive escapades of Tyler Kent, a handsome, womanising 28-year-old Ivy League graduate, who doubles as a US Embassy code clerk and Soviet agent. One of those is Maxwell Knight, an urbane, endearingly eccentric MI5 spyhunter. The other is Anna Wolkoff, a White Russian fashion designer and Nazi spy whose outfits are worn by the Duchess of Windsor and whose parents are friends of the British royal family. Wolkoff belongs to a fascist secret society called the Right Club, which aims to overthrow the British government. Against the backdrop of London high society during the so-called Phoney War, Kent' s life intersects with the lives of the book' s two other memorably flamboyant protagonists. Her romantic entanglement with Tyler Kent gives her access to a secret correspondence between President Roosevelt and Winston Churchill, a correspondence that has the potential to transform the outcome of the war

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The Tipping Point

In 1996, Hush Puppies won the prize for best accessory at the Council of Fashion Designers awards dinner at Lincoln Center, and the president of the firm stood up On the stage with Calvin Klein and Donna Karan and accepted an award for an achievement that — as he would be the first to admit — his company had almost nothing to do with. Hush Puppies had suddenly exploded, and it all started with a handful of kids in the East Village and Soho. How did that happen? Those first few kids, whoever they were, weren't deliberately trying to promote Hush Puppies. They were wearing them precisely because no one else would wear them. Then the fad spread to two fashion designers who used the shoes to peddle something else — haute couture. The shoes were an incidental touch. No one was trying to make Hush Puppies a trend. Yet, somehow, that's exactly what happened. The shoes passed a certain point in popularity and they tipped. How does a thirty-dollar pair of shoes go from a handful of downtown Manhattan hipsters and designers to every mall in America in the space of two years? 1 ...»

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Игрушка-плита со звуком и подсветкой"Miele".
Все как у мамы! Точная игрушечная копия фирменной плиты MIELE. Игрушка функциональная: конфорки и духовка светятся, издает реалистичные
1680 руб
Раздел: Плиты
Брошюровщик "Heidi Swapp. The Cinch".
Брошюровщик делает квадратные отверстия и предназначен для создания календарей, блокнотов, альбомом и много другого в домашних условиях.
8099 руб
Раздел: Прочее
Принцессы. 5 часов активной игры. Более 400 наклеек!. Ватт Фиона
Все девчонки очень любят наряжаться! А еще они с удовольствием поют и танцуют. Им нравится путешествовать, узнавать что-то новое и вообще
346 руб
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The First Code Of Laws Of The Russian Socialistic Federal Soviet Republic ..
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A Creative History of the Russian Internet. Studies in Internet Creativity
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Chinese in the Russian Revolution and in the Russian Civil War
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Hero of the Russian Federation
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The Roof of the World, a Narrative of a Journey Over the High Plateau of Tibet to the Russian Frontier
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Battlefield 3: The Russian
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The Russian Revolution: A Very Short Introduction
It examines the impact of the revolution on society as a whole--on different classes, ethnic groups, the army, men and women, youth.
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The Russian Civil War
The Bolshevik Party stormed the capital city and seized the power of Russia' s provisional government, which had been operating ineffectually since the abdication of Tsar Nicholas II eight months before. In that October revolution began the Russian Civil War, and the next three long, bloody years would cost the largest country in Europe more than seven million lives. It was an apocalyptic struggle, replete with war and strife, famine and pestilence, but out of it would rise a new social order. The Soviet Union would be born. Noted historian Evan Mawdsley here offers a lucid, superbly detailed account of the men and events that shaped twentieth-century Communist Russia. From what Lenin called the Triumphal March of Soviet Power to the final, dramatic victories of the Red Army over their enemies, Mawdsley traces the destiny of a utopian dream that promised workers power, peace, and land reform. Drawing upon a wide range of sources, The Russian Civil War chronicles the hardship to a country and its people, for victory and the reconstruction of Russian power under the Soviet regime come at a painfully high economic and human price. Robert McNeal Petrograd, October 25, 1917: The best book ever written on the Russian civil war. A first-rate work of scholarly synthesis.
          297 руб             2007 год          362 стр.          твердый переплет

The Russian Dreambook of Color and Flight
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Грампластинка. Fleetwood Mac - Live at the Boston Tea Party (количество грампластинок: 4)
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What Was the Boston Tea Party?
The Boston Tea Party stands as an iconic event of the American Revolution - outraged by the tax on tea, American colonists chose to destroy the tea by dumping it into the water!
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Former People. The Destruction of the Russian Aristocracy
It reveals how even at the darkest depths of the terror, daily life went on - men and women fell in love, children were born and educated, friends gathered, simple pleasures were cherished.
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Architecture at the End of the Earth. Photographing the Russian North
It is also the home to architectural marvels, as many of the original wooden and brick churches and homes in the region' s ancient villages and towns still stand. Featuring nearly two hundred full color photographs of these beautiful centuries-old structures, "Architecture at the End of the Earth" is the most recent addition to William Craft Brumfield' s ongoing project to photographically document all aspects of Russian architecture.
          4558 руб             2015 год          272 стр.          твердый переплет


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