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Английский язык: учебные пособия Английский язык: учебные пособия
Английский язык для языковых вузов Английский язык для языковых вузов


Grammar in Use Intermediate Workbook with answers

Автор:   Smalzer
мягкая обложка
150 страниц
Издательство:   Cambridge University Press
462 руб
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Описание:The Workbook also includes review sections for each group of units in the Student' s Book. These groups, such as Present and Past, Modals, and Articles, are listed in the table of contents of each Student' s Book. This edition includes an answer key. The Workbook provide students with further opportunities to practice difficult grammar points, and to consolidate their understanding of related grammar topics. An edition without answers is also available. Grammar in Use Intermediate is a highly successful grammar text known for its clear explanations and innovative format. It offers a wide range of activity types that include opportunities to work with grammar structures in meaningful contexts.

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Английский язык: самоучитель

Измените предложения, используя образец. Example: It will be necessary for you to follow my advice. You will have to follow my advice. 6. Extend the statements using different modal verbs. Продолжите утверждения, используя различные модальные глаголы. Example: Fred is going to the theatre. He will have to put on a white shirt. He shouldn’t be late. He is to meet his girl-friend at seven at the theatre. 7. Translate the sentences into English. Переведите предложения на английский язык. 8. Fill in the table. Make up sentences to illustrate the following grammar. Use the words given. Заполните таблицу. Составьте предложения, используя предложенные грамматические структуры. Используйте данные слова. READINGAND SPEAKING PRACTICE 1. Answer the questions. Ответьте на вопросы. 1. What does the sign no entry mean? 2. When must we give way to other vehicles? 3. On which pieces of road is there no overtaking? 4. What do drivers have to do at the T-junction? 5. Where and when do drivers have to reduce speed? 6. If the brakes don’t work what must the driver do at once? 7. Why is it difficult to park a car in the centre of a city? 8. Do you have to deal with numerous people from numerous walks of life? 9. What do police cater for? 10. Why do we sometimes have to rent a car? 11. What is the most important thing for a learner driver? 2. Agree or disagree ...»

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Набор для черчения "College", 9 предметов.
В набор входит: циркуль 14 см с одной сгибаемой ножкой, циркуль - измеритель, удлинитель, кронциркуль, механический карандаш, контейнер с
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Раздел: Трехколесные
Карандаши с разноцветным грифелем "Magic", 5 штук.
Карандаши с разноцветным грифелем. Диаметр: 10 мм. В комплекте: 5 штук.
427 руб
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Upper Intermediate. Workbook with key New Cutting Edge.
New Cutting Edge Upper Intermediate Workbook consolidates and extends the language taught in the Students' Book. - Grammar exercises give students useful practice and build confidence. - Vocabulary boosters and Wordspots build on the lexical areas covered in the Students' Book. - Listen and read and Improve your writing sections develop skills. - Pronunciation sections focus on the sounds and the features of natural speech.
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Workbook with key Pre-Intermediate: Cutting Edge.
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Workbook with key Intermediate: Cutting Edge.
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Face2Face Intermediate Workbook with key
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Meanings into Words Upper-Intermediate Workbook
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Highlight Intermediate Workbook with key
          290 руб             1992 год

Inside Out Pre-Intermediate Workbook without key (+ Audio CD)
Каждый уровень курса рассчитан на 100-120 часов аудиторных занятий.
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Prospects Intermediate Workbook
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