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Terrorism: How to Respond

Автор:   Richard E.
мягкая обложка
208 страниц
2010 год
Издательство:   Oxford University Press
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Описание:Drawing on a wide range of case studies, Richard English argues that we have as yet failed to understand terrorism properly, and that this is at the root of our disastrous failure to respond effectively to terrorism in the post-9/11 crisis.

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Trance Formation of America (w/o documents)

Through my gulping sobs, my terror rose as I tried to clear my throat of my father's semen and draw a breath of air. My mother finally arrived at my side. Rather than comfort me, she accused me of throwing a temper tantrum and "holding my breath". She responded only by throwing a glass of cold water in my face. I was shocked! As the water splashed my face, I knew she would not help and it was up to me to save myself. I automatically Multiple Personality Disordered. I was, of course, too young to logically understand that what my father was doing to me was wrong. I accepted his strangling sexual abuse as a normal and natural part of my home life, and split off a personality to deal with the pain and suffocation to satisfy his perversions. Therefore as a child, I was dissociative of my father's abuse. I was totally unable to recall his sexual abuse, even in his presence, until I saw and felt his penis. Then the terror, which was my conditioned response, triggered access to that part of my brain that previously endured the trauma, I was remembering the abuse and how to deal with it ...»

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Terrorism (Учитесь обсуждать актуальные политические проблемы: Терроризм): Учебное пособие Learn to Discuss Urgent Political Problems:
Пособие содержит большое количество разнообразных упражнений, ценный справочный материал.
          256 руб             2006 год          168 стр.          Мягкая обложка

The Law of Sovereign Immunity and Terrorism
          6284 руб             2006 год          333 стр.          твердый переплет

Losing the War on Terrorism. American National Security Strategies After 9/11
The strategies devised by the Bush Administration to achieve these objectives are now generally recognized as a complete failure.
          1978 руб             2009 год          76 стр.          мягкая обложка

Terrorism on the Agenda. A comparative study of security agenda-setting in Sweden and the United Kingdom
The outcome shows that the framing of terrorism, which has been affected by the 9/11 terrorist-attacks, has been important for the priority of terrorism on the security agendas in Sweden and the United Kingdom.
          2005 руб             2008 год          80 стр.          мягкая обложка

Preparedness of Kentucky State Police Against Terrorism. The Perceptions of Kentucky State Police Preparedness Among Kentucky State Police Law Enforcement Officers
An examination of all local law enforcement agencies in the United States is outside the scope of this study, the objective of this study, instead, is to examine the extent to which law enforcement personnel of the Kentucky State Police believe their agency is prepared to deal with a potential terrorist threat if one should occur.
          2781 руб             2010 год          172 стр.          мягкая обложка

Impact of Terrorism on Migration Patterns in Turkey. a control-series regression analysis to relate the terrorist incidents’ impact on the citizens’ inclinations to leave their home towns
          3231 руб             2010 год          288 стр.          мягкая обложка

Zionist Terrorism and Imperial Response. British Policies towards Jewish Resistance in Palestine 1944-1948
As a consequence, the Zionist terror organisations Irgun and Lehi declared war on the British in early 1944, killing or wounding hundreds of soldiers, policemen and colonial officials.
          2413 руб             2010 год          128 стр.          мягкая обложка

Islamic Terrorism
The term "Islamic terrorism", or discourses using the term, have sometimes been attacked as "counter-productive", "unhelpful", "highly politicized, intellectually contestable" and "damaging to community relations".
          3639 руб             2010 год          420 стр.          мягкая обложка

Lone wolf (terrorism)
High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles!
          1392 руб             2010 год          96 стр.          мягкая обложка

Nuclear Terrorism
          1596 руб             2010 год          112 стр.          мягкая обложка

Terrorism in Russia
Starting from the end of the 20th century, significant terrorist activity has taken place in Moscow, most notably apartment bombings and the Moscow theater hostage crisis.
          1392 руб             2010 год          76 стр.          мягкая обложка

Terrorism in Syria
Several groups and individuals have claimed that Syria engages in state sponsored terrorism.
          1764 руб             2011 год          140 стр.          мягкая обложка

Safeguarding Infrastructure Assets from Cyber-terrorism. Measuring and Protecting SCADA systems from Cyber-terrorists in Australia
Terrorist groups are currently using information and communication technologies to orchestrate their conventional attacks.
          3048 руб             2010 год          348 стр.          мягкая обложка

This book is a compilation of findings of judicial and quasi-judicial bodies of the United Nations and regional organizations on the issue of the protection of human rights in the struggle against terrorism.
          2277 руб             2010 год          160 стр.          мягкая обложка

Terrorism and Human Rights and Inter American Commission on Human Rights
To the contrary, the very purpose of anti-terrorist initiatives is to preserve the fundamental rights and democratic institutions that terrorism seeks to undermine and destroy.
          3048 руб             2011 год          364 стр.          мягкая обложка

Jewish Religious Terrorism
The motivation for Jewish religious terrorism is typically rooted in a fanatical interpretation of the Judaic dogmas and other tenets of faith.
          1891 руб             2011 год          156 стр.          мягкая обложка

Terrorism: How to Respond
Recent policies have ignored the lessons of the past. Terrorist: How to Respond seeks to remedy this lack of vision by looking at the long history of terrorism and assessing why such violence emerges, how it is sustained, and - most crucially of all - how and why it ends.
          2 руб             2010 год          208 стр.          мягкая обложка

Disciplining Terror. How Experts Invented "Terrorism"
This book investigates how the concept of terrorism has been developed and used over recent decades.
          6724 руб             2014 год          246 стр.          твердый переплет

Terror Trips
          432 руб             2007 год          139 стр.          Мягкая обложка

Terror by Night: Classic Ghost & Horror Stories
Ambrose Gwinett Bierce was born in a log cabin on 21st June 1842, in Horse Creek, Meigs County, Ohio, USA.
          390 руб             2006 год          304 стр.          мягкая обложка

Tide of Terror
She cannot shake the feeling that all is not well on the vampirate ship she left behind.
          702 руб             2006 год          432 стр.          мягкая обложка

CONSUMING//TERROR. Images of the Baader-Meinhof
Since that time, due to a confluence of forces, public conceptions of the RAF have shifted in significant ways, images which first emerged in the news media during that wave of terror are processed and reframed through recycling in cinema, historical studies, pop culture and fine art.
          3212 руб             2010 год          252 стр.          мягкая обложка

Politische Gewalt, Sicherheitspolitik und die strategische Kultur der Terrorismusbekaempfung in Deutschland Terror und Anti-Terror.
Vor dem Hintergrund dieser Prozesse haben Staaten und internationale Organisationen ihre Sicherheitsarchitekturen zunehmend auf asymmetrische Konstellationen hin ausgerichtet und Prinzipien zur Terrorismusbekaempfung formuliert, bzw. novelliert. Debatten ueber deren Zuschnitt ruehren haeufig an weltanschauliche Grundpositionen und offenbaren die komplexen Probleme, denen sich politische Systeme im Umgang mit Strategien gewaltsamer politischer Veraenderung gegenueber sehen.
          3984 руб             2010 год          308 стр.          мягкая обложка

Examining the Significance of Afghanistan in the US- led War On Terror. A study into the central role of Afghanistan in current global security concerns
The American-declared "War On Terror" has a global reach, but it is centred on Afghanistan and the tribal lands of neighbouring Pakistan.
          2005 руб             2009 год          56 стр.          мягкая обложка

Reflexionen ueber die gesellschaftliche Bedeutung der Todesstrafe Die Todesstrafe, Tabu und Terror.
Das Todesurteil, das ein Richter ausspricht, fuehrt auch gleichsam zum Begriff der Vergebung und der Gnade.
          2005 руб             2008 год          84 стр.          мягкая обложка

Mount Terror (Antarctica)
Mount Terror is a large shield volcano that forms the eastern part of Ross Island, Antarctica.
          1188 руб             2010 год          72 стр.          мягкая обложка

White Terror
In general, the term White Terror refers to acts of violence carried out by reactionary (usually monarchist or conservative) groups as part of a counter-revolution.
          1392 руб             2010 год          100 стр.          мягкая обложка

The Ukraine terror and the Jewish peril
          1425 руб             2011 год          мягкая обложка

Tom Terror, the outlaw
          360 руб             2011 год          мягкая обложка

The journal of a spy in Paris during the reign of terror, January-July, 1794
          1139 руб             2010 год          мягкая обложка


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